Am I Crazy?

Yes, just a little.  I’m one of those crazy people who once they commit to something, nothing  will stop them.

This is hard. My brain is rebelling at the thought of it — just like my students.

I have nothing to say — just like my students.

You have so much to say, I tell my students and so I tell myself. HA! I think.

I write, but not this kind of writing. THIS KIND OF WRITING SCARY.  It is the kind that uncovers. Not completely, that would be too scary. But just a bit more.

Part of my attraction to commitments and challenges is my love of rituals. Rituals rule my life. They are like dessert, something to look forward to.  I’m looking to make Slice of Life writing a ritual. Something that I will savor and perhaps hate at times. Unfortunately the love of ritual has a dark side to it that can be painful.  So here’s to a new ritual and a community of slicers that provide a place for this kind of pursuit.

One of my loved, most important rituals is a hot drink, quiet space, and words. Words that I write or read. Everything is quiet. No one to interrupt me but my cat stealing up behind me, wrapping himself around me, nestling on my lap, reaching up for my inattentive hand. The hot drink sits beside me. The quiet stretches before me, and I refuse to look at the clock. That would break the spell of the ritual.

But soon it’s late. I should be doing. Life is calling. I’ll pay big time later for this. Think unfinished laundry, empty refrigerator, lost sleep.  I’ll wish I hadn’t read one more chapter, re wrote one more line, read one more paper. Yet I’ll do it again.

Computer’s about to die, only 8% left. My only time management tool, no charger. 7%….Count down till I must turn off. Power warning light went on. Time is closing in. Quick save the post, till it goes …zippp….

23 thoughts on “Am I Crazy?

  1. Welcome, you’ll love it here!
    I really like these lines: “I should be doing. Life is calling.” That’s just so typical of the thoughts that go through our minds when we dare take time out of the busyness to read and write!

  2. Welcome to the slicing community! I enjoyed reading your description of rituals. I, too, enjoy a hot beverage and a good book surrounded by quiet. Here is to many more slices!

  3. Welcome! I think you will love it here! I enjoyed your slice today and can relate to the rituals you described. I’m struggling with this aspect right now as my computer is out of commission. My writing space has now become my computer desk at school!

  4. Welcome to the community of Slicers!! I think you will come to love this community as much as I do, even though, yes, it can be scary to be so…. vulnerable?
    I loved the images in this Slice – I am the exact same way when I write. (Except for the cat….)

    • Thank you for making this step less scary. It’s vulnerable but you all have made it feel safe, Makes me (really) realize (on a personal level) the need for a safe community in my writing workshop.

  5. This is a great place to share! Welcome to Tuesday’s slice of life. It makes you notice more and think how can I write this into a slice. It makes you appreciate what students do every day.

    • Make me walk my talk! I am looking forward to being more mindful of my surroundings; catching those thoughts that rise up and just float away. Thank you for the wonderful welcome

  6. Yes this is a great ritual! EachTuesday I give myself time to write. Yes there are Tuesday that I say no – I have nothing to say but I write anyway. Amazing how the words come once you start! Glad to have you join us! Enjoy!

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