Blogs: My Cup Runneth Over

In honor of the Edublog awards I thought I would offer some of the blogs I would give top awards to. While this may seem like a festival of name dropping, I truly love these blogs. I want to be these people when I grow up. Some of these blogs are nominated for the Edublog Award, but many are not. Thanks to all who spend time on their computers, so I can spend time on mine.

1. To Make a Prairie by Vicki Vinton. 

When I see her post pop up as an email alert I jump to open it just like when the amazon package comes with a freshly released book I’ve been hungry for. Her posts always fill me instructionally and keep me accountable to my teaching.

2. Blogging Through the Fourth Dimension by Pernille Ripp

Pernille never ceases to amaze me. She is on the forefront of so much in the teaching profession. Her willingness to put her thoughts on the line for what is right, sets a very high bar. I am always inspired by her mission, her passion, and her forthrightness. She pushes readers’ thinking and, as evidenced by some of the comments, their buttons. Pernille takes the heat with grace.

3. Indent by Kate Roberts and Maggie B. Roberts

Ok, I just love their writing. The thinking is always spot on. Want more please. I think I would settle for being their cat when I grow up.

4. Read, Write, Reflect by Katherine Sokolowiski

She pours out thoughts that have been mine and solved problems that I haven’t been able to figure out. What more could you want from an education blog. Thank you @Katsok.

5. Slice of Life by an amazing community of writers nurtured by Two Writing Teachers

These Slices have brought me to tears (click here. and here), made me laugh out loud (click here and here), sigh, and inspire me to go on (click here and here). A huge thank you to this group of writers.

6. Sharpread by Colby Sharp

I love his research oriented thinking. His work in reading and writing give me hope and support.

7.  Two Writing Teachers co authored by Betsy Hubbard, Elizabeth Moore, Stacey Shubitz, Tara Smith, Anna Cockerille, and Dana Murphy

This blog always puts forth writing practices that I could use tomorrow. Even if it isn’t on my grade level, I get ideas from this group of tremendous educators. Every post is a mini “PD” and something I want all of my colleagues to read.

8. Teach by Learning. Learn by Teaching. by Christopher Lehman

This blog has been the epicenter of so many great trends in education. The close reading bonanza that authored so much in reading and blogging. And now #nerdlution that has inspired thousands or words written, read, and calories burned.

9. Kinderconfidential by Kristine Mraz

This is a new one for me and I don’t teach Kinder, BUT wow. This one is fun and usable even for those not teaching K. I want to be able to doodle like Kristi when I grow up.

10. Nerdy Book Club

I am so thankful for this group of bloggers’ commitment to nerdiness and books. Their passion pushes me to give my students the best in literature.

I could go on forever but, I must mention one last connection:  the twitter chats.

#wrrdchat, A group of educators came together this summer to study What Readers Really Do. When I see a tweet from one of these tweeps, I want to reach out and hug them.  We are connected souls via Vicki VInton.

#tcrwp chats, Wednesday, 7:30 EST. These are just perfect hump day thinking. They keep me going in reading and writing. If you are on the road you pull over, whip out the phone and chat.

#caedchat, Sunday nights 8 pm PST. They are my homies and they make my head spin. Sometimes I can follow. It is my goal to keep up.

#5thchat,  Tuesday nights 8 pm EST. Got to love 5th grade teachers; they are my people.  If I miss it this one, I check the archive.

If you don’t already, check out these great spots for learning. What blogs and chats do you love?

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