A Snapshot of a Picture Perfect Day


One hundred eighteen fifth graders, lined up in the correct order, walked on stage (without any pushing or complaining) practiced their holiday performance of the Preamble and Wacko’s 50 States, walked off perfectly and then did it again. Perfectly.

Fifty-six fifth graders blogged, blogged, and blogged on the Transcontinental Railroad, the Gold Rush, the Pony Express and the Donner Party.

Twenty-six fifth graders groaned NOOOOOO when we had to stop reading about the American Revolution.

Twelve fifth graders invited forty kindergarteners to play in their Genius Hour cardboard arcade. One fifth grader reported it was a “festival of cuteness.”

Ten fifth graders spent their lunch learning to link their blogs, creating mini websites on Westward Expansion.

Seven fifth graders stayed after school to write, read and be a little silly.

Four fifth graders said they were rereading because they disagreed on the meaning of a scene of a story.

Two fifth graders shared how it’s so weird to have a mom who doesn’t speak Spanish.

One former fifth grade student returned to report she ran the mile in six minutes.

One parent told me her twins call her Mrs. Harmatz for about a half-hour after they get home from school.

One son called from college to say he got an A+ in his Calculus class.

One grateful teacher/mom has completed her post and is going home.

Long live #nerdlution.