Unplanned Celebrations

celebrate link upEach Saturday  Ruth Ayres invites us to share and celebrate events from our week. It is an honor to be amongst of this group of bloggers. Reading their posts makes me aware of moments in my own life that I might have otherwise over looked. It helps me sit back and pay tribute to those people in my life that matter.

Negotiating the mall on December 24th would never be my first choice of holiday activities, but this trip had many unexpected moments worth celebrating.

I had to go to Macy’s for perfume my daughter wanted. Not wanting to do this alone, I asked my oldest if he wanted to come along, and being the good natured sort he is, he agreed.

We got there. Parked. It wasn’t stressful, yet.  Mini celebration. I braced myself for entering the store.

Not too bad. Got to the counter, feeling rather clever and…they were sold out.

Momentary panic. But no worries there’s another Macy’s (in the same mall–no joke) and they had five left. Joy!

We hurried over there. After successfully procuring the fragrance, we decide to get coffee to celebrate.

Then my son asks, “Do you think we could stop at the bookstore?”  This is a guilty pleasure for both of us.

“Sure,” I say. I set a time limit, otherwise hours could be lost.

Wandering the stacks is heaven. I restrict myself to the children’s section.

We meet at the appointed time, both of us with books in hand.

We walk to the cashier. I buy the books.

He says, “Thank you so much.”

Never a problem. It is a pleasure.

Being with my son, one-on-one, is a joy. This was true when he was little, and it is true now as an adult.

Time with one person, one child, I don’t get very often. But I realize this is so important. No matter how old they are, our children need us, and we need them, one-on-one. The dynamic changes when it is just the two of you. Things come up that otherwise wouldn’t have. You reconnect, and re fill that well that is your relationship.

Having a little extra time and space gives us the opportunity to discover things– unexpected moments worth celebrating, like an unplanned stop at the bookstore, or the comment on the drive home that you will remember.