My One Little Word…And Where It Might Take Me

After much thought about all the possible words to be my one little word I’ve finally found one.  It needed to…

  • be actionable and visible
  • promote collaboration, questioning and creation
  • foster a love of reading and writing
  • strengthen the classroom community
  • ignite passionate and meaningful work

I choose wonder to be my one little word.

  •  because that’s what readers really do
  •  because it leads to exploration and learning
  •  because it can be seen as amazement or engagement
  •  because it gives permission to go places we otherwise might not go
  •  because that is the name of a book we love


Inquiry Work in Reading – I’ve just begun to look at how students process read aloud. I wonder can students identify their thinking processes during read aloud and then transfer some of that thinking towards independent work. I’m wondering what could bring the read aloud’s high level of engagement and deep level of thinking to their individual reading lives.

Poetry Connections –  Inspired by Mary Lee Hahn, Steve Peterson, and Vicki Vinton’s call for poetry, I am pushed to a place I’ve avoided. I wonder why I have overlooked poetry, particularly when I think about all of the potential it offerers in terms of language, craft and engagement.

But I’m working on it.  I’m looking for the those poems that resonate in my heart. Peeking at Poetry Friday posts and commenting on a few. My antennae are up. While I’m embarrassed to discover this hole in my literary world, I’m excited to learn alongside my students.

Deepening Student Blogging – I have learned so much from blogging and  I want my students to experience that same growth.  I’m wondering if we could connect student blogs out there for a student Tuesday slice in preparation for the March monthly challenge. Any takers for January and February?

Students Blog, Why Not Teachers – I’m wondering about blogging with my colleagues. Just to start, perhaps one day a week teachers could investigate one blog. We could gather around our laptops in room 5 and read a few blogs. Talk a bit and maybe a post a comment. I wonder if they’d catch the bug.

Wonder Across Grade Levels — As the new year starts, I wonder what is going on in other classrooms at my school. I wonder if my colleagues would want to enter my classroom and observe with wondering hearts and find at least one little thing to help to help me grow and one little thing that could help them grow. I’m wondering if I open up my classroom, inviting wonder, will others do the same.

Here’s to a year of wonder.



4 thoughts on “My One Little Word…And Where It Might Take Me

  1. This is a FABULOUS word! My word is feeling a bit selfish now. Although…if I take good care of myself, all else will follow, right? I’ve been living with my word for a few days. I think I’m ready to unveil…tomorrow!

  2. Julieanne, my word for 2014 is reach and you have given me many things to think about using my word. I am trying to reach out to teachers through blogging. I am giving a PD next week on setting up a classroom blog for kids. I started that this year and the kids have loved it. I know you asked about connecting student blogs but do you worry about them being public? Mine is private and I am a little leery of going public. What are your thoughts? I teach 4th graders.

    • Leigh Anne, You and I are tracing similar paths.
      About opening up the classroom URL — I was leery too for the reasons you mention. I started by giving specific teachers our URL. I then found that students couldn’t participate in 100 word challenge out of the UK without access. At that point I decided to open up for that opportunity. I use kidblog and screen all comments and posts, so I feel control over what comes in and what goes out. Students know, no last names and no pictures are allowed and parents are aware, permission slips are acknowledging this. I think Pernille Ripp”s recent post on this really highlights the benefits of connected students.

  3. Wonder – this is a beautiful word. It opens up so many possibilities. I hope that it will bring some amazing surprises along the way.

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