Post Op Celebrations

Thank you Ruth Ayers for creating a place to share celebrations. I look forward to it every week.celebrate link up

Today, I have a post op celebrations.

The Road to Recovery: My daughter got through the first few days of knee reconstruction surgery. It’s been painful and frightening for her and me. We got through the first day all based on belief — belief that it would get better. The second day pain was tolerable; not ready to give up painkillers yet, but not crying. Day three, sleeping till the next pain medication was doable. Day four, she could play with her kitty, and I could be in the next room. Celebrations happen amid the set backs, and hope for more celebrations keep us going.

Nurses Are Angels: Day-in-day-out dealing with patients in pain is a God given gift. I was amazed at the kindness we encountered at the hospital. Every nurse from check in to post op, handled my daughter with care. Once home, I have become that care giver. I can do it for my child. I can be at her beck and call. But it is exhausting. And there are times when, I just don’t know what to do. Last night we called on our neighbor at 9PM for her nursing help. She came to the rescue: concerned, compassionate, competent and loving. I celebrate all the nurses including my beautiful neighbor who care for those in pain.

Being a mom to a teenage daughter is an exercise in patience and maintaining a respectful distance. Closeness recedes. But when trouble happens, things change. The relationship reverts. Amid the worry and the fatigue is the opportunity to care for her in a way I haven’t had to do in a long time. Not that I’d wish this situation on anyone, never. But this week I celebrate the fact that I can care for her overtly. I celebrate being a mom.