Celebrating the Dialogue and the Possibilities

celebrate link upI love Saturday mornings. It gives me the opportunity to look back on the week and celebrate all the good. Thank you Ruth Ayers for creating a weekly celebration opportunity. Find out more here how you can start this practice.

My first celebration is for all of the people in my personal learning network (world) that responded to a call I made on twitter. Within five minutes I couldn’t keep up with the tweets. Not only from the folks I called upon but others.

The pros and cons of student-led conferences were discussed, as well as the time it took, how to make it positive, and how to avoid potential pitfalls. Lovely posts, direct messages and emails continued. Amazing. I now have a great place to start my thinking about how my students will enter this work.

The second celebration is the #TCRWP chat on argument and debate hosted by Maggie B. Roberts. My fifth graders are just starting with a Monday debate series, so this was perfect. So many smart people out there doing the work: basically holding up a flashlight so I can go down that path without hitting too many walls.  I want to celebrate this outstanding chart that guides students through the physical and mental process of debate.

If this was all I got out of the chat, I would be thrilled. But there was much more. The resources shared in this chat were overwhelming. I celebrate this archive and all of the contributors to it. This is a place I will go to study and grow my beginning practice as at teacher of debate.

Ah, the beauty of twitter. It’s not just the ideas, but the dialogue that I cherish. IT’s the people who question, try, and then share their results as possibilities. I celebrate the dialogue and am honored to be a part of it. 

The third celebration is for poetry. My students and I are getting a little more comfortable in the world of metaphor. We read “How is Meadow an Ocean?” by Laura Purdie Salas and then found a connection in The One and Only Ivan: “…her eyes are like Stella’s, black and long-lashed, bottomless lakes fringed by tall grass.” Ah Ivan is a poet!  And then there was this response to the poem on a student’s blog

My fourth celebration is for two days to reflect and reconnect. This weekend, time seems abundant and pressures lessened. I have no commitments. There is extra time. Time to take a little longer shower. Time to drink a cup of coffee at a table, not in the car. Time to read a newspaper article, a post and think about the next thing. Time to consider possibilities.

14 thoughts on “Celebrating the Dialogue and the Possibilities

  1. I love how you phrased your appreciation for the beauty of twitter: “IT’s the people who question, try, and then share their results as possibilities” So true that the sharing is always so inspirational and also so many people out there who genuinely want to help! Enjoy your coffee and the gift of time this weekend!

  2. You accomplished much via your Twitter PLN, Julieanne. I like the links you shared & thank you for that-will pass them on to colleagues. Hope your Saturday has been a pleasure with looking forward too to another day before Monday!

  3. I love all of your celebrations, but especially #4!! I used a more relaxed weekend to take an hour-long walk in the snow-filled world as the sun was sinking low and casting blue shadows.

  4. Thanks so much for the link to the chat! I got lost in the reading, I forgot to get back here to comment. Argument is going to be such a big topic, this helps to develop an understanding and what it could/should look like in the classroom. How great you got a big response to student led conferences. My school has done them for years, but it is a lot of prep work. However, it is also an eye opener for the parents. I hope you’ve had a restful day and still one more to come.

    • Leanne, Thanks so much for the comment. This was the best TC chat, and they are always good. I think argument is going to be a place for kids to find huge growth, and fun. I’m hoping the kids are up to doing the work for leading the conferences. They have never done it before so it will be a big thing for them. I’m thinking it is the right thing to do! Have a great rest of the weekend. Julieanne

  5. I am a very bashful tweeter and very hesitant about tweeting that doesn’t concern me. So thank you for letting me be a part of your PLN. My OLW is reach so I am trying to reach out to others as others have reached out to me! Have a great weekend!

    • Leigh Anne, I know how you feel about tweeting. BUT you should! You have great stuff to offer. Have you joined the #TCRWP chats? Wednesday 7:30 EST. They are wonderful. You should check it out. Thanks for your input! Julieanne

  6. Twitter is still a puzzle for me. I try to read daily, but have not yet participated in a chat. I missed your question about SLC. My school has student-led conferences with portfolios in the fall and student-led conferences with portfolios and activities in spring. I have found that the time that students take to reflect on their learning is the most valuable. You definitely have to remember to breath during the preparation time, it may get hectic and stressful. It’s worth it.

    • Terje, Thanks for your comment! I am hoping the time spent will be well worth it. I am just a little worried about how students might struggle getting concrete thoughts out about their reading. It’s a difficult thing to pin down. They are use to seeing a level and that reflects who they are. Hoping to add to that perspective.

      Regarding twitter:I love the teachers college reading and writing project’s chat on Wednesdays at 7:30 EST #TCRWP. You’d see some familiar faces there. It isn’t too crazy and it speaks to all things reading and writing. I love it.. You know about the two writing teachers chat on Feb 3rd at 8:30 est. That should be fun.


  7. #4 was awesome – I hope you found it to be so, Julieanne. I am so nervous about Twitter hats – they go by fast, and I feel as though by the time I come up with something to say, someone else has already said it, and better. Sigh. But I will persevere.

    • Oh here’s the end of the weekend! Where did it go!! Don’t worry about the chats! You’d be surprised how brilliant you are and how we all make mistakes . Part of the fun. People are really nice and forgiving!! #tcrwp chat is relatively slow so you can read and process a little easier.

  8. Julianne,
    You are such a positive force in the Twitterverse! And you are absolutely correct, ask a question to get responses immediately or participate in Twitterchats by #tcrwp for a world of learning. Do consider using Melanie Meehan’s “Evidence and Reasons” to support your students thinking about their growth in reading and writing as they prepare for conferences. If the can answer the “why” question, they will be ready!

    Have a great week!

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