No Failure, No Learning: So Here Goes #Nerdlution Round Two

nerdlution-button-tiny-01-1If you were wondering about #nerdlution, check out Chris Lehman’s post that explains about the idea and its founders.

I failed in #nerdlution round one if success meant meeting all my goals.  And yet, a lot of learning came out of it. I blogged a lot more than I thought possible. I blogged when I thought I had nothing to say, and I realized that blogging daily would require a different stance.

For this second round of #nerdlution, I’m looking to build on my learning in round one and incorporate my one little word, wonder, and some promises I made around it.

#nerdlution round two goals:

1. Blog three times a week: Slice of Life with Two Writing Teachers, #Nerdlution check in with Michelle on Thursdays, and Saturday Celebrations with Ruth Ayers.

2. Tweet learning with my classroom three times a week. I always forget about this so I’m going to make it a goal.

3. Get to bed on time three days a week. I had trouble with getting to bed on time in #nerdlution round 1.

I’m hoping that three’s a charm.

Thank you Michelle for hosting a spot for our #nerdlution exploits.