No Failure, No Learning: So Here Goes #Nerdlution Round Two

nerdlution-button-tiny-01-1If you were wondering about #nerdlution, check out Chris Lehman’s post that explains about the idea and its founders.

I failed in #nerdlution round one if success meant meeting all my goals.  And yet, a lot of learning came out of it. I blogged a lot more than I thought possible. I blogged when I thought I had nothing to say, and I realized that blogging daily would require a different stance.

For this second round of #nerdlution, I’m looking to build on my learning in round one and incorporate my one little word, wonder, and some promises I made around it.

#nerdlution round two goals:

1. Blog three times a week: Slice of Life with Two Writing Teachers, #Nerdlution check in with Michelle on Thursdays, and Saturday Celebrations with Ruth Ayers.

2. Tweet learning with my classroom three times a week. I always forget about this so I’m going to make it a goal.

3. Get to bed on time three days a week. I had trouble with getting to bed on time in #nerdlution round 1.

I’m hoping that three’s a charm.

Thank you Michelle for hosting a spot for our #nerdlution exploits.

3 thoughts on “No Failure, No Learning: So Here Goes #Nerdlution Round Two

  1. Go girl! I was wondering how are you going to remind yourself about these goals. Blogging seems easy, because it has set days, but how are you going to remember to tweet and go to bed? Just wondering and learning tips form the nerdlution participants.

    • So true Terje! So my plan at school is to get a few students to remind me! And my plan at home is….. working on that one. Maybe a little calendar at my bedside table that I can record the time to bed? Thanks for making me accountable! Julieanne

      • Thank you for the answer. I hope that you figure out something that works for you. Maybe now you have to set your alarm twice, once to get up and once to go to bed. 🙂

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