Slice of Life: Day 2 Filled with Piles, Files and Treasures


Day 2 in my first slice of life daily challenge. I am so impressed with the numbers who slice. I just wish I could read more of them. All such gems. So proud to be a part of the Slicing community at Two Writing Teachers. Thank you Stacey, Dana, Tara, Elizabeth, Anna and Betsy for helping me become more of a writer.

Today it rained, hard. It hailed. Today there was lightning, thunder.
Today I filed papers.
What do these things have in common? All these things don’t happen very often.
Truth: I am terrible at putting things away.

I am one of those people who loves organization, but hates to organize. I’m one of those people who instead of putting things away in their place when I get them, I put things in a place that I will eventually put away. Today was eventually.

Today I filed.

My bedroom was awash in student work, absence notes, random mentor texts, charts, cards.

Stacks were made: memoir, informational texts, poetry, fantasy, etc.
Found: a random poem written by my middle son in 4th grade -his ode to Lord of the Rings.
Ummm. I sit and think. Where to put this treasure? I place in a pile of other un-categorizable papers. A pile to be discovered another time. I think that is fine. I’ll find this again. Next time.

Now, where is that book? I’ve been looking for it for days, weeks. Searching the bookshelves and other places I pile books. I know I have at least one copy of it.  Every time I start looking, I get distracted by another book.

Today I found The Boy on the Porch.  Hmmm… I sit down in the corner. Just a little break from organizing I think.

As I read I wonder. Who is this boy? He’s magical, alien, and other worldly all in one. I think of the wondering work my students would do if they read this book. He’s a secret treasure to this couple who find him mysteriously placed on their doorstep. Mute. Its magical quality reminds me of  Cynthia Ry;ant’s  Van Gogh Cafe.  The secret, sweet part of Jacob reminds me of the sweet spirit of the character in Feathers, by Jacqueline Woodsen. I’m wondering if he is part animal, related to the cow and the beagle. And why does this couple receive these gifts? Will they get to keep them? Should they?

Time is slipping and the papers are on their way to being filed, but you can’t walk on the ground without stepping on one.

My husband walks in clearly disgusted, “We have to leave at 5:45,” he says

“It’s  3:30,” I say.

He knows me too well. Irritating. So I put the book down, focus on the papers, get them off the ground,  and in files that are named.

Now I can read and someone can walk on the ground. Now I can go back to the book I can’t put it down.

But wait, what was I looking for? Oh yes Bird by Bird. It is driving me crazy. Did I loan it to someone? If so, please return. Now back to the book.