Slice of Life Day 15 and 5 Things to Celebrate

Today my post serves a dual purpose. One to celebrate the week with those who contribute to Ruth Ayres’ Celebration blog.celebrate link up

And two, this is my 15th slice in the March Slice of Life Challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers.  Check out more slices here.11454297503_e27946e4ff_h

Friday was full of celebrations.

2014-03-14 06.58.51
Can you see the feather hanging from his whisker?

One. I was sitting at the dining room table this morning, when out of the corner of my eye I see my cat playing with something. He does this, sometimes with a dust bunny or a shadow. Next thing I know, he’s on the window sill with a bird in his mouth. Somehow this bird got in the house (something the cat dragged in?). I jump up and grab the cat, walk out on the porch, and shake. Cat opens mouth and bird flutters off. An innocent is saved..

Two: Students finished and “mailed” their letters to the principal on whether or not chocolate milk should be served in schools. This was our first attempt at TCRWP’s argument research essay unit of study.  We’ve debated, researched, and read. Unfortunately from my adult perspective, the majority of students wanted chocolate milk. Right before we published our letter, we played the “it’s awesome, it stinks” game (see this post on how my staff played the “it’s awesome, it sucks” version of this). This activity actually moved some pro-chocolate milk folks to the anti-chocolate milk side. A really interesting way for kids to “hear” opposing points of view.

Three. Students have been making music and stop motion videos in Genius Hour. The Novation app helped one student create a track that played throughout GH time. The hypnotic beat  kept this usually loud time relatively quiet.  Stopmotion video has also motivated students to try make story videos.  Kids come in at recess and stay after school to work with these creation tools. Thank you Animation Chefs for inspiration and direction in these passion projects.

Four: We have a volunteer group of parents who teach students art projects throughout  the year. In this project we created decoupage books. We used pages ripped from Harry Potter books, clay to give the 3D effect and decoupage glue to create these works of art. 2014-03-14 13.08.312014-03-14 13.05.382014-03-14 13.04.392014-03-14 13.04.072014-03-14 13.03.222014-03-14 13.02.31

Five. I’ve made it to the half way point (almost) of the March Slice of Life Challenge. When I first heard of this, it seemed daunting. The reality has been inspiring and instructive. I’ve learned about so much about myself, and others in the community; about my “go to” writing areas and realized there are places where I’m a little hesitant to venture. I’m hoping that in the next 16 days I’ll inch a little closer to those uncomfortable spots; stepping a little further every day.

Thank you RuthTaraAnnaDanaStacey,  Betsy  and Beth for creating the blogging spaces to learn and connect.

9 thoughts on “Slice of Life Day 15 and 5 Things to Celebrate

  1. Wow! I love your celebrations! Such creativity shown in your students – Genius Hour and the decoupage books. So cool! The cat story is so funny – good for you for saving the bird. Your cat looks a little put out, though. 😉 Isn’t the Slice of Life Challenge amazing?! Be brave in your venturing into uncomfortable territory. I think there are big rewards when you do.

  2. Saving the innocent – noble. How cool that your kids have a chance to grow their creativity in many directions. Cheers to the 15th day of SOLSC!

  3. Those art projects and the stop motion video were way cool! Love that you’re doing the chocolate milk project. Last year was my first go , and I’m getting ready to do it again this year. FUN!

  4. So many opportunities to celebrate! I’m sure the bird is tweeting about it right now. It’s amazing what kids will work at when given the choice. Awesome projects!

  5. The descriptions of all your student projects are terrific, Julieanne. I always love seeing how creative kids can be if we only let them! Thanks for all the links too! And congrats on half-way through-try new things-we’ll love them!

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