Slice of Life Day 18: 30 Years Ago Today


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It’s Monday night, and I sit at the dining room table with my cat curled up beside me.

Family (living at home) is tucked away in their rooms.

Thirty years ago, March 18,  I married the same person who made me diner tonight.
The guy who is and has been there beside me through everything without question.
My partner in parenting, before and forever after.
Who I irritate and who irritates me at times.
Who is pleased with little things.
Who values the same things I do.
Who puts up with my work, because he values the same things I do.
Who listens to me even when it really doesn’t interest him as much as it does me.
Who gives 100%.
Who is always passionate about something.
Who makes me laugh.
Who is a romantic.
Who has enough energy to light a medium-sized community.
Who gives to others generously in spirit and time.
Who gets disappointed when people don’t live up to his expectations.
Who forgives and gives again.
Who is a great role model.
Who you’d love if you knew him.

We don’t have a trip planned or even a dinner in mind.

Today is like the other 30 years of days.

  • One dog
  • One cat
  • Three homes, one remodeled
  • Two college students
  • Aging parents
  • Siblings
  • Nieces
  • Bazillions of books
  • Plumbing disasters
  • Emergency room visits
  • A few fender benders
  • Chocolate chip cookies, ice cream
  • Coffee, black
  • Some very fine and not so fine wine

Not that I’d turn down a trip to France, but I’m not complaining. It’s been more than good.

18 thoughts on “Slice of Life Day 18: 30 Years Ago Today

  1. Aw…congratulations Julieanne. Thirty years is a milestone – and what a wonderful life you have built together! I hope you have something special planned to celebrate this day.

  2. Congratulations! Seems to me this list might be better than a trip. We will be celebrating 25 years in the not-too-distant-future but whenever we talk about what we might do, we remind ourselves that this journey, wonderful every step of the way, hasn’t left much in the way of extra finances for special trips!

  3. What a treasure you have in your husband! And he has in you! I love the double list structure: the first one descriptive that gives us insight into the hows and whys of your lives and the second more about the “whats along the way” especially the bazillions of books!

  4. Congratulations. I like the format of your slice- it allows you to tel so much about your husband. And I like the today is like 30 other years of days part.

  5. Congratulations, Julieanne! I love the way you describe your husband, economizing with just the right words, starting predictably promotes the comfort your marriage has become with time. I wish you many more happy days…happy years! Glad I stopped by!

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