Slice of Life Day 19: The Power of Social Media

For the month of March, I am blogging daily with Two Writing Teachers. Find more posts from other SOL writers here.11454297503_e27946e4ff_hI fell into the rabbit hole of twitter last summer. I was starving for new perspectives and innovation in my teaching.  I was primed for social media and all it has to offer.

The unending supply of teaching knowledge has me constantly pursuing things I find on twitter and on blogs. I buy books, share blogs, go to conferences, start to do crazy things like schedule my life around twitter chats and respond to crazy challenges like blogging daily for 31 days. Crazy.

The knowledge and depth of the PLN I’ve found makes my head spin. Processing all there is available and then passing on the knowledge I get as a teacher to my students is invigorating and at times confusing and exhausting. I am a learner, so bottom line I thrive in the world of twitter and blogging. Honestly that is all I ever want to do. Call me an expert and I get nervous. I’m much more comfortable being one who is learning and sharing that knowledge.

Word of my passion for social media has travelled far enough to attract the attention of Dr. Robert Bravo, (@robertbravo) Instructional Area Superintendent for my area in the exceedingly large school district I work in. Tomorrow, Dr. Bravo is coming to my school to tape a podcast with me and a few of my students who are avid writers and bloggers. My students are excited. It is exciting. But I’m nervous. Not really for what I might say but for something might I leave out. I hope I can communicate the incredible value of all that exists in the world of social media for educators and their students. I’m a learner and a teacher so for the sake of those like me, I’m more than willing to give it a shot.

Not all love social media, and that is ok. You can’t force it. My hope is, if we open up the door and let people take a look inside, the peak might be enticing enough for some folks to venture in, read a few tweets or posts and who knows, return for more.

Interestingly, word of my social media pursuits has reached beyond my professional life and has creeped into my personal life. Most people worry about the reverse happening.

Conversation with my daughter a few weeks ago-

Mom, my friend told me you have more followers than he does. 

What, is he following me?

No, he just looked you up.

Guess I’m just more popular. What can I say?

Conversation last night.

Change your twitter picture Mom I hate it.

Seriously are you are looking at my twitter?

No, I just don’t like your picture. Let me change it. 

Leave it alone.

I’m changing it.  

Grab. Click. Click. Click.

It’s done, don’t change it back.

Funny. I checked my computer. It didn’t take. Ha! Next she’ll be reading my blog.

15 thoughts on “Slice of Life Day 19: The Power of Social Media

  1. This is awesome! I’m excited for you. Good luck! I hope you’ll share your podcast when it’s finished. Now, I’m off to find you on Twitter. 🙂

  2. I just wish I could persuade more colleagues to take a look, Julieanne. I have some blogging with me this year, but am not sure any are on twitter yet. Congratulations on the podcast, for you and for your students. I bet they are so excited! Looking forward to hearing about it!

  3. Julieanne,
    Your picture (to the dismay of your daughter) is next to the phrase “avid learner.” You are a sponge, soaking up new ideas and then squeezing out the water to nurture your students and yourself!

    I’m amazed when people don’t immediately see the power of twitter. But after about the 10th time of “Where did you find that?”
    there is a bit of hopefulness or curiosity!

    It’s so great that you and your students will get some recognition! (If you forget anything, you can comment on those things in a followup email thanks! (LOL) Students need recognition for many things besides “improved test scores!”

  4. I finally entered the Twitter world “for real” during Christmas break. I cannot believe all that is out there. It was blocked at school and I finally convinced them that I use it for PD not for social reasons – it is not blocked anymore! 🙂 Best of luck with your podcast. I wish more people would see the all the benefits of social media. I am working on a few but I wish there were more. Love the conversation with your daughter!

  5. Your post gives me hope, Julieanne – I have been slow to Twitter, mostly reading the links shared by others, lurking during the chats. There seems to be a whole set of norms to Twitter – still figuring it out. How exciting about the podcast, though – post a clip…or Tweet one!

  6. Julieanne, I LOVE this post!! Twitter is a lifeline for me. Social media is valuable…if you see it that way and use it effectively! Congrats on the podcast. I can’t wait to hear all about it…may we hear (or watch) it? Where?!?!

  7. Social media has helped me professionally, too. I am just getting the hang of Twitter. My favorite part of this post was your conversations with your daughter. Mine do not read my blog, but they have friends who do and make comments to them. So funny!

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