Slice of Life Day 23: A Milestone Post of Reflection and Gratitude

11454297503_e27946e4ff_hThis post marks a milestone: my 100th.

I knew it would happen during the Slice of Life March Challenge. I mentally marked it on my calendar. Today’s slice is a reflection on my beginning and a note of gratitude for all that has transpired since.

First a reflection on the past. I went back and read my first post. So much is still true.  So I played around with it (thanks Dana  for giving me a model) and got this:

Sit down to a blank page
I think.
I write
for all to see.
That’s scary
someone might read it.
What if
it’s awful?
Freaked out by hitting publish.

Learning by doing.
manageable bins.

Fear is quieted by
inspirational colleagues,
desire to make a difference,
sort out the mayhem.

Writing leads to the need
to write more.

Messy state of mind,
the purpose,
that jump,
a profound
effect on

Daily behaviors:
the good and not so good is my assignment.
Stay tuned.

Second a note of gratitude.  The monumental support and feedback I received has been overwhelming. Comments have touched my heart, given me next steps, and made me feel I belonged. Had I not gotten this, I don’t think I would have continued.

The majority of my posts (40%) have been shared in the Slice of Life community. You have help me grow my writing life and have taught me what it takes to write daily. What one needs to do this work and want to do more. I got this, not from a workshop or book, that’s different.  I got this from being a part of a writing community.

It’s made me realize what I need to change in my classroom. Daily writing needs immediate support and feedback. I knew this, but not “in-my-heart” know it. We have a class blog, posts and comments happen, but it doesn’t happen with fidelity. That’s the change I need to make if I want my students to feel they are writers outside units of study.

Words of thanks seem insufficient, but I’ll say this anyway: thank you  TaraAnnaDanaStacey,  Betsy  and Beth at Two Writing Teachers for providing and supporting this place to learn and grow. I believe this work has reach. It goes far beyond our blogging community into each of our lives as learners, writers, and teachers.