Poetry One of More To Come: Undercover

In honor of National Poetry Month, and because I miss writing daily, I’ve decided to focus on poetry for the month of April. Can’t say how much, yet.

Writing poetry is scary, but I’m doing this with the hope that 1) it will get less scary, 2) I will learn something about myself and writing, and 3) I can share more authentically with my students.

Leigh Anne, and Michelle I know you’re out there doing the same  and I’ll check in to see what you are up to.   Cathy  and Mary Lee you are inspiration on this journey. Steve, will you kindly critique?  Georgia Heard is there too helping  my students and me take some baby steps.

For now, I’m finding  poetry in quiet spaces; tying to catch it, and bottle the feeling; what speaks to me in the moment. My question is, does it speak to others and will it say the same to me as time goes by.


Head peaking


Whips and curls frame her face.

One foot is dangling,

fatigue is dragging,

a little girl behind.

Pure child

nestling in dreams.

The older mask






4 thoughts on “Poetry One of More To Come: Undercover

  1. I love “pure child nestling in dreams.” I am so glad you are trying this challenge too. It is nice to have someone actually read my poems. Sharing with my students is my main reason for doing this. We are wrapping up a research unit and will move into poetry next week. I know I will be able to teach this better because I have spent some time writing. Good luck and I will keep reading!

  2. Julianne,
    Some of my favorite words from your poem: unadorned, dangling, nestling. I’m so glad you’ll be writing poetry every day for ? days (likely 30). Perhaps between all of our blogs we will manage some mentor texts we can use with our students.

    This will be fun,

  3. I’m finally getting to read some blogs! Wow. What a wonderful way to spend April…looking for poems in your world.

    I really liked the feel of this poem; very quiet and filled with wonder. I loved the way you played with the word undercover, bringing in the mask toward the end. My favorite line was this: Whips and curls frame her face. But I also liked the image of fatigue “dragging the little girl behind.”

    Thanks for sharing your journey!

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