Poetry Day 2 of ? in April: Something That Dreams Demand

Poetry day 2 of ? in the month of April.

I’m learning so much from other poet bloggers. Yesterday I read in Margaret Simon’s blog about anaphora poems. Margaret explains this form of poetry as —

the repetition of a word or group of words at the beginning of successive phrases.

Read some lovely examples of Anaphora poems on Margaret’s blog here.

What to write about though… hmm.

Something that repeats. Something that needs repeating, again and again. Hmm….


Something that kindles my passion.
Something that wakes me in the middle of the night.
Something that drives me through blurry-eyed mornings.
Something that makes my heart pound.
Something that defeats me irregardless.
Something that pushes me to try again.
Something that require more than I think I have.
Something that reaches more than I can imagine.

Something that dreams demand 


Thank you fellow poet bloggers who are reaching  for more in their lives and in their teaching. It’s nice to journey together. Check Leigh Anne, Michelle, Margaret, KevinMary Lee, and Cathy’s blogs for more poetry inspiration.