Draft: Poetry Sorting Through Right Now

For the month of April I’m playing with poetry. Today is no form. It is raw.

This is what’s happening now. Right now I have no control over things.. Poetry can serve to sort this through.


This isn’t the way it’s suppose to go.

Bags are packed, emotions are high

Postpone They say

You need signatures



Risk Management

Outdoor Education

Dr. I’m in Charge

They, The Three Signatures,

can break


Hiding behind titles.

Hiding in offices,


They can say No,

They have the Power.

We wait,

hoping, powerless.



Thank you fellow poet bloggers who are reaching  for more in their lives and in their teaching. It’s nice to journey together. Check Leigh AnneMichelleMargaret, Kevin,  Mary Lee, and Cathy’s blogs for more poetry inspiration.

5 thoughts on “Draft: Poetry Sorting Through Right Now

  1. Thank you, Julieanne. Like you, I’ve found that poetry, because it is formed from words and images and metaphors, can help put the right-words to what is happening in the moment. And through those right-words a world can be created, transformed. Best to you.

  2. Julieanne,
    I enjoy free verse. There’s something about getting finding the perfect words to get a message down to its core. It’s in this process that things often become clearer. I hope that things work out the way you hope.


  3. Oh Julieanne!! There’s so much emotion in here! “They”….I don’t like “They”!!! The title “Raw” is perfect! It depicts the poem flawlessly! I’m hoping the anger turns to unexpected joy… I’m sorry for whatever is going on, but the poem it inspired is certainly POWERful!!

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