Poetry Friday: This is Just to Say

This is my first Poetry Friday post. It was a last minute thing that I just had to do. I’m so glad I had a place to share! Thank you for hosting Tabatha Yeatts at The Opposite of Indifference.san

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My class has only 27 days left of school, but we have all the plates spinning. These fifth graders aren’t quite ready to leave their first school. It is like home, so I’m packing in as much as possible.

Poetry writing is in full swing and in the exuberance of reading poetry, we were rather noisy while our neighbor classroom was testing. So we wrote the following first draft apology. It was inspired by This is Just to Say poetry anthology by Joyce Sidman inspired by the William Carlos Williams poem.

To Mrs. Miller’s Class:

This is Just to Say

We have been too
while you were testing

and which 
you probably wanted 
for thinking

Forgive us
it was NOISY
so fun
and so naughty

I am here to report room 5 LOVES this. Yesterday they all went off to write their own poems of apology.

A to C, “I’m writing this to Mr. Wright, because I was too loud in the dorms at Cataline.”

M to N, “This is to my mom for eating the chocolate cake.”

N to M, “I’m writing about my messy room.”

And it went on.

This is just to say that this lesson was also inspired by TCRWP’s “What if Curriculum” in the 5th Grade Writing Units of Study. A wonderful little addition to the other main works on Argument, Narrative and Informational writing. So through and so wonderful.

And why is it that I just want to keep going with my kiddos. Looking back it seems I always feel that I finally “get” them, by about this time every year, thinking — now we could really make some great progress. But they go, to someone else.

To My Class:

This is Just to Say

I have enjoyed
every moment 
learning together

I know there is 
more to do
I see that spot 
that I still want to shine

Forgive me
it is nearly done
so much 
and so quick


I’m going to miss them.


20 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: This is Just to Say

  1. Welcome to Poetry Friday! What a beautiful post. Apology poems are always so much fun, and your kids did a great job. I remember a couple of teachers asking me to close my door when my seventh graders were getting too excited about a lesson — good times! Your poem is lovely and poignant: “I see that spot I still want to shine” … sigh. Lucky students.

  2. “so much, and so quick” (and so sad to say goodbye). Great to see you here Julieanne! Love the post and what you all wrote for apologies. Have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy every minute of those 27 days!

  3. That is perfect! I love that poem and how it can morph… cool idea. How could they NOT want to leave such a warm and nurturing place as your classroom?

  4. Don’t you love those “wildfire” moments? Thank you for sharing yours with us.

    And your poem…beautiful and tear-inducing! So much love and longing there. We’re never finished, are we? And yet we must let them go…

  5. Welcome to Poetry Friday! I left a comment yesterday, but just in case it got lost, I’ll leave another. Looking forward to hearing more from you 🙂

  6. Oh, this made me smile. I’m going to have to check out this anthology. I enjoyed the apology for being noisy during testing. We might need to borrow it before the week is over.


  7. Sorry I missed this last week, Julieanne. I love the poem your class wrote to Mrs. Miller’s class, and your poem is so full of truth for teachers this time of year. Thank you for sharing your beautiful words!

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