Poetry Friday: Just Watch Teacher Poets

poetry friday logoLast week I was honored with comments on my first Poetry Friday post. So of course I had to come back. Thank you, thank you!  A whole new world has opened up for me. And thank you  Katya Czaja. at Write. Sketch. Repeat. for hosting this week’s posts.

I have been participating on the periphery of Chris Lehman’s Teacher Poets workshop. His lessons, the poets, the poems, and the workshopping has been wonderful. This week’s “assignment” can be found here. Hop over and check it out.teacher-poets-1

The  lesson is “Concrete the Concept” which works for what I’ve been mucking around with. It’s something that (Chris’ prompt) “I have been thinking a lot about…”.

I”m sitting on the other side of my children’s childhood. A place that I have been struggling to figure out, and probably will continue to as it keeps changing.


Just Watch

When will I get it right?
Every child, starts out so frightening, exciting, overwhelming
and then momentarily I think, yes…
Sounds fill the kitchen, the house, and I orchestrate the action, all is in my control
until it’s not.
And the Gods laugh at my audacity, “You think you got this?” Just watch.

I’m left wondering, what’s next?
I sit up close, a front row seat involved in the goings on, then
my presence is unwanted,
so I stand back and just watch.

Shifts from may I, to notification
I hold in judgement, hoping for a subtle impact
feeling divorced from the proceedings
choices are no longer mine to make. Just watch.

They’re out the door, a photo flash resides in their place.
Vulnerable, smiling in those hallway pictures,
no history of a toy strewn living room
of willful moments of two-year old selves.

All of a sudden
the phone call with success
the “what do you think?”
the “I just wanted to tell you”
Still vulnerable  packed in their near-grown up selves.
And I’m left wondering, what’s next?
Just watch.