On Being a Teacher

Today my students rocked.  They have spent the last three weeks preparing for a traditional event – our school wide Colonial Faire. These fine fifth graders ran the fair from 8:50 to 2:35 with only breaks for recess and lunch.

They took on the roles of people in early Colonial America.

They taught children from 5 to 9 years of age.They learned how to manage children moving them from one place to the next.

The adjusted their teaching based on the children they had to teach.

Some of great lessons and comments came out of our meetings after the sessions.

When talking about how difficult it was to manage children, one said, “Don’t be afraid to be strict with them.”

And another shocked student commented, “I couldn’t believe a kid ran away from me.”

And more wise words, “If they don’t listen tell them to sit next to you on the ground.”

But one said, “My kids were good they did whatever I asked them to do.”

And some thought they had the cutest kids. “They hugged me afterward.”

I sit here at my computer writing. My feet hurt, but my heart is full. I am amazed at what students can do. When we give them a little guidance and have high expectations.

This year my fifth grade students showed learning, responsibility, maturity, independence, and compassion.

I am so proud. My students are ready to leave this school, to move on to middle school. I am honored to have the opportunity to spend an entire school year with these young people.

Being a fifth grade teacher simply rocks.

2 thoughts on “On Being a Teacher

  1. So happy you had a very, very good time, Julieanne. Love “When we give them a little guidance and have high expectations.” I keep thinking that some don’t understand how wonderful they can be.

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