Celebration: My Students, My Girl and A Long Weekend

celebrate link upEvery week Ruth Ayres invites bloggers to celebrate their week.  I love this ritual. Thank you Ruth for the opportunity to share. Read more celebration posts here.

Today I’m celebrating my students who hosted a school-wide Colonial Fair. Here are some of the Friday reflections they posted on their blog.

The colonial fair was pretty cool because we were acting characters from 290 years ago. It was sort of a celebration from the past.

My favorite part at the colonial fair was the One Room School House  because  they would tell you about manners and the correct way to eat and if you come to school dirty you would get whipped. 

Some of the 5th graders had to be a tour guides for 2 sessions, even though it was hard to take care of second graders and third graders while suffering of feet pain and hunger. 

The two kindergarteners I was responsible for were so calm and nice… one of the two kindergarteners hugged me. They got so many things I had to hold the stuff. It was hard to hold their hands with all the stuff in my hands, but I managed to do both .

It was super easy to take care of the kindergarteners because they were quiet and very interested in what the fifth graders in the booths had to say. They had fun and laughed. It made me feel good about helping them get around the fair.

I feel like just because I got tired does not mean that I did not have fun. I think that this was the best Colonial fair ever because the kids really got to learn and so did I.

I enjoyed the colonial fair and I really liked taking the kids around it made me think that I was an actual grown up chaperone. I felt glad to show kids how colonial times were like and how I got to teach about farming back then.

I saw the kids having a lot of fun because we had props and games that the kids could use to make learning fun, so it wouldn’t  just be us talking. Another reason working at the booth was fun was that you could see the smiles on the kids faces and how the Colonial Fair was a big experience for them.

Just feeling that you’re teaching something so cool and new to somebody else is amazing!!!! All the kids listened and did what they were supposed to do, even though there were some trouble. I liked teaching the little kids since they were so cute!!! I even learned things I didn’t know before while tour guiding.

Today I’m celebrating student blogging. On Wednesday, one of my students told me, “I’m posting my 100th post!” I was a little ashamed because I had no idea she had that many posts. (I just got to my 100th post in March!) In total, two classes of 5th graders have posted 960 posts and 2,019 comments. Feel free to check out their interesting thoughts here and here.

Today I’m celebrating my daughter. On Monday she found out that she would miss two days of classes due to school swim meets.  Because of block scheduling two days is like four and right before finals. She’s worked hard for her grades and was concerned. She said,”Don’t they realize I’m a student athlete. The student comes first.” I’m proud of her and she’s right.

Yesterday, she swam two individual events (500 free and 100 butterfly) and two relays in the dIstrict’s CIF finals. She had knee reconstruction surgery on December 31st.  This makes me worry. When I met her afterward she was icing the knee but happy with her performance. I asked her about the knee. She calmly stated,  “It’s ok, this is a part of it. I just don’t tell you because you’ll look like that.” I’m  proud, and she’s right again.

Today I am celebrating a gray morning.  This weather, the beginnings of “June gloom,” is a comfort.  It gives permission to stay in and slow down.  All parts of me need a fog-filled Saturday: to sleep in, to read, to put on warm sweats and put my feel up.

2014-05-24 08.11.04


Happy Memorial Day weekend!

9 thoughts on “Celebration: My Students, My Girl and A Long Weekend

  1. Julieanne, I’m glad your daughter is ok after her meets! And 100 posts?!?! WOW!!! That’s awesome!!! My favorite line is, ” All parts of me need a fog-filled Saturday: to sleep in, to read, to put on warm sweats and put my feet up.” I love how you appreciate the fog and use it to your benefit! 🙂 Happy relaxing Saturday!

  2. Your daughter is beautifully devoted! I love all of the stories of your Colonial Fair. I think all teachers should spend a little time with K students every year. Puts it all in perspective – they grow and gain skills so quickly. I love when our K buddies come up to buddy read!

  3. My daughter was a swimmer in high school. She worked so hard. She decided as a senior that she did not want to swim in college and she hasn’t since. It was great for her, but she knew when it was time to stop.

    My students blogged this year. I have no idea how many posts. I never counted. Maybe I should. Blogging really changes their perspective on writing, in a very positive way. I hope mine will continue through the summer.

  4. Wow! 100 posts is amazing for a student! I really want to use blogging more in my classroom next year. It looks I might be moving to 6th which will make it easier since they have better keyboarding skills than 4th graders! Have a great weekend!

  5. Terrific to hear more about the colonial fair, Julieanne. It has sounded so awesome all the way through. I shared about your after school play/rehearsal with my colleagues & they immediately started wondering how to apply your ideas to their own work. Congrats to the student with 100 posts, & all the support for your blogging too. Such an important part of their writing, I think. It’s raining here tonight & I’ve had a full day with one of my granddaughters & am looking forward to one of those quiet days tomorrow! Enjoy yourself! Oh, and glad that your daughter’s knee is doing well.

  6. Your celebrations have a theme of balance: the colonial fair reflections show the balance of learning and fun, the blogging balances writing with reading to comment, your daughter balances academics with athletics and pain with progress, you balance busy-ness with relaxation–much deserved relaxation! Thank you for your comment on my post. Danny will love that his thoughts are being shared with your students!

  7. Wonderful that the student reflections show that the Colonial Fair mattered to them. I am glad your daughter’s knee is better and she is back to swimming fully. Admirable that she keeps her learning as the main focus. It would be so easy to use sport as an excuse for taking learning a bit easier.

  8. Julieanne,
    What great celebrations!

    Living and Learning
    Learning and Teaching
    Blogging, Playing and Writing
    Swimming and Living
    Life, learning, swimming, reading and relaxing!


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