Celebrate: Summer Learning

Time to celebrate this  week with Ruth Ayers.  Read more here and consider joining in the weekly celebration of the big and little things in your life.

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Today, I have five rather big things i’d like to celebrate

FIRST: Two Writing Teachers. If you don’t already, subscribe to this blog. There is always something worthwhile and inspiring. Their teaching sticks with me as a writer and a teacher of writing. A perfect example of this is Dana Murphy’s recent post on internet writing. Every time I blog I’ll be thinking of the tips I took away from this post.  I’m working on word count (under 500), offering hyper links and when possible, bullet or list key points.

SECOND: A little reading and reflection. Blogged about my thinking here and here.

THIRD: My youngest as she learns to drive. I am so proud of her respect (read healthy fear) of driving. She is taking baby steps and I get to cheer her on. Don’t you love these keys. She sleeps with them.

2014-06-27 18.42.33

FOURTH: Twitter and TCRWP Summer Writing Institute. Every morning this week I woke up to look at the tweets coming from educators in New York CIty. I busily favorited and retweeted  the gems I saw. My fav’s from last week are storified here. They are all worth posting on your walls, your computer, your notebooks, wherever you find or need inspiration. This one is particularly appropriate:

FIFTH: TCRWP Reading Summer Institute all next week. .I am overwhelmed and grateful for the opportunity to walk on Columbia’s campus, enter Riverside Church, hear Lucy.  learn from TC staff with educators from all over the world, ride the A train, eat all over New York City, run in Central Park humidity, see my virtual colleagues for the first time, go to Bank Street Books, and even do some homework.  Boarding pass is on my phone. An extra bag is packed to carry back all the books I know I’ll HAVE to buy.

My heart  is bursting!




12 thoughts on “Celebrate: Summer Learning

  1. I read your reflections on Reader’s/Writer’s notebooks and was struck by the Linda Rief quote of what her notebook is to her. This is what I wish our educational system gave to each student that they would believe they have such rich lives as readers, writers, thinkers and observers of their world that naturally they would want to capture it. I am celebrating summer learning with you. So many opportunities to learn. The TCRWP summer institute sounds amazing. Enjoy.

  2. Lucky duck! I am sure the TCRWP institute will be fabulous! I am insanely jealous of all the great learning that is happening without me this summer. I am also thankful for Twitter and the chance to sit back and learn from the insights of people at the conferences.

  3. Julieanne, I went to the Reading Institute last year at Teacher’s College…you will love it!! Wish I was going this year too. Have fun! Soak it all in!! Can’t wait to read your posts about the week! I, too, love TWT. The posts always give me something to ponder. I’ve been loving your reflections this past week…I’m going to reread and comment this weekend. Happy Saturday!

  4. My son just got his driver’s license in May. It is a very scary experience for a parent, but we can find peace in that our kids are super careful. I hope you have a great time at the Reading conference at TC. I’ll be looking for tweets!


  5. I quickly flipped through your favorite tweets, but I need to go back when I have time to absorb! Wow! Lots of great stuff. I hope you tweet lots of your learning this week – I am sure you are so excited! About that driving stuff – we let our son drive for the first time by himself to a city about an hour away. I was a nervous wreck the whole day! I hope one day soon I get over that! Have a great week!

  6. Your life is bubbling with learning. Your next week will give you wings. Learning feels wonderful – both the personal at home reading and reflecting and the longer out-of-home opportunities.

  7. I’ve never attended a TC institute, except vicariously through my blogger friends. I’ll be looking for those tweets. I loved visiting Bank Street Books – enjoy your time in NYC!

  8. Have fun Julieanne! I wish I were going with you! When you get back I am coming over on a Wednesday to master Twitter. Yes, I said master. XO

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