Slice of Life: What Matters…

11454297503_e27946e4ff_hIt’s late Monday night and I really don’t have the time to write. But… Tuesday is means Slice of Life and I hate to miss that. Thank you Two Writing Teachers for being there and making me write when I wouldn’t. It is a good thing. Join in. Read, comment, add your own. Become a part of this community who writes even when we don’t have the time.

School is becoming a reality and it’s not the students that are causing me anxiety, it’s everything else.

There is this new computerized districtwide grading and attendance system. Which one of those words doesn’t make you want to break out in a cold sweat? I’m trying to ignore this, or at least set it aside for now. But, I  had to face IT today.

I wanted to do a what I thought was a simple thing, something I do every year — send my incoming students a letter. This wasn’t small or simple because of the new computerized districtwide grading and attendance system.(Hear an echo?) Our poor office staff, who are angels,.helped me through the process of sending a computerized message and email to these select students. Then there is the other thing — we are in the process of looking for a new principal. Then there is the new WiFi — not sure of the access code yet.  But wait. Stop. Breathe.

What matters? Sixty humans that will soon become two ecosystems –whose lives and futures will intertwine with mine. They have already started to work their way into my heart as I set up the classroom to support their next steps.

What matters

a safe place

voices valued and heard.

What matters


for the expected

and unexpected.

Who knows what I might hear.






10 thoughts on “Slice of Life: What Matters…

  1. Your focus is on the right thing…the students!! I also feel the anxiety…so much so that I avoided writing about school this morning. Not quite ready to face the unknowns quite yet! Saying a prayer that all of these things…technology, wifi, new admin…work out soon and in a way that enhances your school year!

  2. I so agree with Michelle. You are focused on the RIGHT thing. Silly stuff can derail us so quickly and we can’t let that happen!!! The immediate issues will eventually be solved . . . not without angst, but don’t let it consume you!!!

  3. There are those ‘things’ that try to de-rail us, but we won’t allow it, right? Like Fran and Michelle, the important thing is that group of young kids. Love your use of ‘ecosystem’-beautiful!

  4. Since you have “first things first” in your mind, it will all be OK. Funny (ironic funny) how the same concerns arise no matter where you teach. Hope your year starts well!

  5. I’m trying to avoid school as long as possible; we just got out! Well, not really. I know how you feel, but I also know that when the time comes, I’ll smile and greet those students! Take it easy!

  6. listening – for the expected – and unexpected. – Who knows what I might hear.

    You listen Your students are so lucky to have you. May the expected be peaceful and the unexpected bring joy.

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