Celebrate: Revision

I’m late to Celebrate This Week with Ruth Ayers. Thank you Ruth for making me come to this page with my celebration. It took a while to figure it out. Find other celebrations and post your own here.

celebrate link upThis week I’m celebrating revision.

It’s Monday morning.  My plans are clear in my mind. My vision of the day and the week is possible. Sort of fairy tale like.

Monday, I walk into my classroom and try to open the google slide doc I want to share. Google docs is blocked.  I revised.

Tuesday, “C” is walking to class with no backpack. Hmm. “Hey ‘C’, back pack?” 

“I left it in my dad’s truck.”

He has nothing to work with. No book, no writing. We revised his day.

Wednesday, after recess, three students are in the office, not in class. All students are clearly disturbed by the absence and needed to let me know. This process takes time and what was envisioned my me doesn’t happen.  So we revised.

I started the week armed with some theories about how students experience independent reading and read aloud. Thursday and Friday, I started testing my theories. The answers students gave me were instructive and shook up my next steps. Which is good.  So I revised.

This week was filled with not much that worked according to plan. Most steps I tried to take required stepping back and revising. Frustrating at the end of the day. It felt like I’d gone no where.

Teaching takes a lot of revision, rethinking.  Frustratingly necessary. Fortunately there is next week.