Celebrate: Endings and Beginnings, Again and Again

Happy Saturday. It’s time to Celebrate with this week with Ruth Ayres. Two wonderful things to look forward to every week. Read more celebrations here.

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This week was full, yet passed in an instant.

Five things —

1.  The return and departure of our eldest. He flew in on Monday from two months in Europe. Happy, exhausted, and full of life. Today he left for Santa Cruz. Our reunion was brief and a bit fractured (time in little pieces, here and there), but good. He seems settled and ready to move into the next phase of his life. With that feeling, it is easier to let him go.

2. The return of my car. Two “kids” home and driving meant that I have been car-less. As much as it really doesn’t matter, and I don’t particularly like or need to drive, something about having my car back gives me a sense of control and order.

3. The homecoming of my parents. Both were in the hospital. Sunday they came home. Fragile, but happy. My dad’s lovely nurse Rayna said it all, “Getting old isn’t easy.” That’s an understatement. They have been married nearly 60 years and are still entertain each other. Lucky them, lucky us.

4.  The end of parent conferences. It was two long weeks of meeting with families, 58 in all. I want to celebrate the dedication of these families. Everyone made time: took time off, did what was necessary and made their child a priority.  Only one parent asked where their child “ranked” in the class and only two asked what their grades would be. Most wanted to hear about how learning was going from their child, not from me. In most cases I felt more like a facilitator not like a validator or judge. In situations where students weren’t meeting expectations yet, we worked on next steps. All worth celebrating.

5.  The beginning of fall. You have to pay attention to notice fall in Southern California. We don’t get the vivid colors. Most trees are evergreen. Air temperatures change subtly.  Darkness sneaks up on us sooner and lasts a bit longer. The fog hangs on the coast. Things seem a bit calmer, quieter, providing a respite from summer.

2014-10-18 09.30.32

5 thoughts on “Celebrate: Endings and Beginnings, Again and Again

  1. I love this post! So glad to hear of your parents return home too. And I love how your conferences go… The genuine concern and connections around a whole child. And your description of our fall is SO beautiful!

  2. Your title is clamoring around inside of me. It is so true — beginnings and endings, again and again and again. I’m glad your parents are home and I appreciate your collection of celebrations.
    Thanks for taking the time to document them.

  3. Hurray for finishing the conferences. It is great that the focus was mostly on student learning not ranking and grades. I love the celebration for the different generations in your family.

  4. Congratulations on finishing the conferences!! It sounds like they were a resounding success! So happy your parents are home, too! That must be quite a relief. I love your description of fall in California. Having grown up in Massachusetts and now living in Virginia, I’m blessed with the amazing foliage & I wondered what it’s like in other places! As always, I LOVE your post!!

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