Slice of Life: Face to Face at NCTE14

I must start this slice by apologizing to anyone who did not go to NCTE14, you have my permission to be extremely jealous, to stop reading, and to start making plans for NCTE15 in Minneapolis.  I you won’t regret it.  I promise.

Sadly, I am suffering from NCTE14 withdrawals. I thought, if I can only get to that conference, then I’ll be satisfied. Nope. Doesn’t work that way. Now that I’ve gotten a taste of this kind of learning, I just want more.You just don’t want to it to end.


Someone said, not sure who, that reading slices won’t be the same after this weekend. #true  Seeing slicers face to face, and actually hearing their voices made it real.

Interestingly, anticipating that “real” I had this worry. This what if… What if my thoughts, when they aren’t being re read and revised, aren’t so interesting or worthy.  When I write, I can measure my words. Think about them. Change. Delete.  What if, in person, without the re read, and editing mechanisms, I’m not what I appear to be, what people expect.

It sounds a bit crazy, but at the same time a bit interesting. Something I never would have anticipated.

As it turned out the dinner was wonderful. Worries were unfounded. I had that feeling of being with best friends that I just met. Being surrounded by people that you feel such a kinship toward is just a little bit of heaven.

After the dinner, unsure I would see people again, I started saying good bye. Hugs all around.

Then Sunday morning. Not so coincidentally, I run into slicers. Seems we are attracted to similar kinds of things. More hugs. And good byes.

Thinking back to moments in the conference, in sessions, at the dinner, in passing, I feel this overpowering connection. These are my people. You have accepted and supported me and all the things that come with me. And when I think about it, that is a pretty big deal.  While I’d like to have you all in my town, at my school, or at least a train ride away, I feel honored to have you here every Tuesday.

My thanks to all of the Two Writing Teachers. More than ever. Thank you Dana (love the notebook and surprises within), Tara (my go-to grown up for assurances in my blogging classroom), Betsy (for your calm poetry-self making it all seem so doable), Anna (smart words for my writing workshop struggles), Stacey (for putting it all together – stressful, but so appreciated) and Beth (wish you were there).

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