Celebrate This Week and Year End 2014

This is the last week to celebrate 2014. I have enjoyed reading celebration posts all year. Thank you to all who share and thank you Ruth, for hosting this rejuvenating ritual.  Read more Celebrate posts here.

celebrate link up

First: When everyone is home, life is slow and lazy and loud. We eat, talk, read, watch movies, and sleep in.  Today, I celebrate a home that is filled up and lived in.

Secondly:  It is wonderful to watch someone open a gift and knowing, just by the expression on their face, it is a perfect match. My daughter is an expert at this kind of matchmaking. Most importantly she  loves doing it.  I celebrate her loving and gift-giving spirit.

Being the last Celebration Saturday of 2014, I thought I’d dig in to my blog, as a personal retrospective. As a rather unscientific way of culling through my thoughts in 2014, I searched posts for key words. There is some cross over, but still interesting. Listed in order of frequency of mention, highest being 146, lowest 20:

  1. Writing
  2. Reading
  3.  Writing about reading
  4. Wonder
  5. Twitter
  6. Colleagues
  7. Read Aloud
  8. Listening
  9. TCRWP
  10. Student Blogging
  11. Poetry
  12. Reading Logs
  13. Genius Hour
  14. Common Core

Blogging is, in part a tool for reflection. Reflecting on my reflecting, I’m pleased, to a degree, and not totally surprised. Some items that didn’t score as highly as I would have liked were “student engagement” receiving only seven mentions, and “growth mindset” mentioned only three times. Something to think about as I enter the new year.

Another thing I spent time with this week was this compilation of TED talks: a year in ideas. It is a wonderful taste of TED in 2014 — informative and inspirational. Find a few that intrigue you and enjoy!

Of the ones I’ve watched so far these two hit me hardest. Funny and tragic and something that lingers with me as I think about the year to come.


Happy 2014!