Word-a-Day #Nerdlution15 Challenge: ROLE

Hello #Nerdlution15 !

I saw it pop up on Colby Sharp’s blog with the great Kristi Mraz graphic and of course I had to join.


What to do?

Something simple.  Something I’ll make a habit of.

Something that won’t be impossible.

I found my OLW for 2015: LISTEN, and strangely, that word seems to be propagating more words! Yesterday, role popped up. I turned it around and looked at it; considered how it worked in my world. And in that moment my #nerdlution15 challenge came to be: a word a day. Thinking about words pleases me. Completely nerdy.

A Few Guidelines:

  1. A word qualifies if it lingers
  2. Research is important
  3. When I’m ready, I have five minutes on the clock to write.
  4. Where I write is optional

Today’s word: Role

My role in my family takes on various personalities. It is an interaction of emotions, of people and their current needs. My role morphs with the role they take on. Sometimes the role switches unexpectedly. When a parent gets sick, a child is forced into a role that is unfamiliar. The parent as well. The outcome dubious.

As children at play we took on roles easily. Tried on a costumes and then took on the role. It was an experiment. Temporary. No real commitments. In fact the process of putting on the hat, the dress was an opportunity to become something that might give us a glimpse at what we might want to try on later in life. The doctor’s coat and stethoscope and we were a doctor. In control and all-knowing. Take it off and we are ourselves again. How closely does life imitate play I wonder.

The flexibility of our roles is necessary. Our role can define us in the moment. The temporal nature of the role is interesting. The changing nature of roles is child’s play but when we grow up dangerous if we take our roles as who we are.