Celebrate: Caring and Kind Acts

Time to Celebrate with Ruth Ayers! Every week I am so thankful for this weekly practice of writing and reading celebrations.  To reflect and find the good, even in difficult situations is rejuvenating.  Read other celebrations here.

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Today, I’m celebrating what could have happened, but didn’t. I’m celebrating how a random act was just a big bump in the road, not a disaster.

Thursday night my son was running. He was crossing the street, in the crosswalk. Watching for cars, he looked left, then right.  He didn’t see one car, and the driver didn’t see him. It was an accident, pure and simple. No wrong doing. He’s going to be fine. He’s sore and bruised, but no broken bones, no concussion, no internal injuries. He’s lucky.

This week, I’m celebrating the skilled, caring and kind people who helped us through a scary night.

1. The driver. He was driving slowly. He stopped, and got help. He must have felt awful. I don’t know who he was, but I hope he finds out my son is going to be fine.

2. The bystanders. They saw, they heard, they came and helped.. One was an RN. One called 911. Several made sure other drivers avoided the accident. One helped me get to my son.

3. The firemen and paramedics from engine company 101. These professionals are masterful in emergency care, and are extremely kind. They not only cared for my son, they cared for me. Four paramedics tended my son in the ambulance. One made sure that I had my son’s glasses, that I knew where the hospital was, that I didn’t worry if the sirens went on, that I was safe getting to the hospital.

4. The police officers of the Harbor Division. They were at the scene, and followed up at the hospital, making sure it was just an accident. That’s important. We can be so quick to judge, to blame when bad things happen.  But this was simply an accident. Both parties just didn’t see the other one coming.

5. The trauma unit at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. We are so fortunate to have a trauma center close to home. The staff is amazing. They know their stuff. Dr. Darcy checked him out as soon as he arrived. No waiting. His nurses, Kevin and Vinnie, kept a close watch on him. X-rays were taken and read quickly. We knew what was happening as soon as they did. The staff was there for him at all times, supremely skilled and very kind.

This weekend,my son is resting and thankful. He knows he’s lucky.

This weekend, I am celebrating the people who care for others with skill and kindness.

#Nerdlution15: Twist

Day 10 of #nerdlution15.

My challenge: to  write about a word (of my choosing) a day for 50 days.

My rules:  here.

My noticing:  how  words connect. Hmm. That’s for later…

Today’s word: twisttwist

When I look up TWIST means to turn, to bend. But when I think of the word, it connects to fate, an unexpected end. A bit of intrigue or danger.  I think of food. Twisted pretzels. Twisted means a salty, sugary thing that is the just right combination of what I like to consume in mass in front of a favorite movie. Better than popcorn. Then the twisted dangerous side comes back, daring me to just try, and see if I like the outcome, am I that brave?