#Nerdlution15: Twist

Day 10 of #nerdlution15.

My challenge: to  write about a word (of my choosing) a day for 50 days.

My rules:  here.

My noticing:  how  words connect. Hmm. That’s for later…

Today’s word: twisttwist

When I look up TWIST means to turn, to bend. But when I think of the word, it connects to fate, an unexpected end. A bit of intrigue or danger.  I think of food. Twisted pretzels. Twisted means a salty, sugary thing that is the just right combination of what I like to consume in mass in front of a favorite movie. Better than popcorn. Then the twisted dangerous side comes back, daring me to just try, and see if I like the outcome, am I that brave?


2 thoughts on “#Nerdlution15: Twist

  1. So, Julieanne did listen turn to twist? That is an interesting twist? Listen can work well. As we twist and turn in life, we need to listen carefully before taking the plunge.

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