Slice of Life: Uncomfortable Possibilities

I avoid thinking about uncomfortable things. This weekend I had to deal with the possibility and reality of two such things.

Earthquakes are something I’ve grown up with. I’ve experienced a couple bad ones, but they’ve been few and far between. If predictions are accurate, the “big one” will have a staggering impact on our area. I have one friend who moved to Arizona due to fear. The majority of us live with it, putting it in the back of our minds.

If you’re smart, you make sure you have fresh emergency supplies, some cash stashed, bookshelves secured, and no items stored up high that might go flying in the event of a big quake. There isn’t a season for earthquakes and time just slips by. I had put earthquake preparedness off. This weekend for many reasons, I made headway at home and at school in this department.

Of all the work I did, books were at the center of it.  I never seem to have enough books, yet I have so many I can’t store them properly.

I entered school with a clear plan of attack. Amusingly I thought it would be done in about three hours. It seemed easy and straightforward.

Without much thought I pulled out the boxes in a cabinet I hadn’t gone through since last year.. The boxes were stacked three high and three wide.

Pulling out the last one, I grabbed the broom to sweep up the dust bunnies and crayons that had slipped under, and I felt it.. Skittering down my leg. I didn’t see it, but I knew. Cockroach. I knew they were there.  I just conveniently forgot. I looked. He’d vanished.

I fearlessly continued, thinking I was bigger than he was.

A flash and I smacked a box down, pinning the beast; his head peeking out from underneath, his large antennae twitching. Yes, I’ve got you. I shoved the bugger into a mason jar and capped it with the box that had trapped him.

Now what? Not wanting to think about the implications of his presence, I crushed him. Done with it.

Six hours and lots of dirt and wildlife encounters later, the room is set for disaster. Nothing will tumble down on an unguarded soul. Even the cockroaches are safe.

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