#SOL15: Day 1, Listening Love

Today starts the March Slice of Life Challeng11454297503_e27946e4ff_he hosted by Two Writing Teachers. A whole month of daily blogging has begun!

Being a Sunday, this post is also serving a dual purpose of linking to Margaret Simon’s Reflection on the Teche DigLit Sunday blog.


Yesterday, driving home, I tuned into the On Being podcast, with singer-songwriter Joe Henry. He spoke of his writing process as a “mystery and adventure.”  Of how life and writing are as much about the obstacles as about the joys of the road. So much of this interview connected with the business of slicing daily. When I got home, I pulled out my notebook and sat in the car listening till the end of the podcast.

That happens a lot. I’m on the road, listening to a podcast or the radio. I’ve been known to pull over to jot down a phrase, name or book title. Sometimes, like last Friday, I share it with my students..I love podcasts. All kinds.  I’ve been addicted to them for a couple of years. Ever since my friend told me about the Stitcher app that makes it extremely easy to access all my favorites.

I love listening to learn and listening to stories. No wonder my students love read aloud.

Podcasts provide on-demand learning and entertainment. I love them.  Ever since my friend told me about the Stitcher app, getting to podcasts that meet my interests has been extremely easy.

imgres-1The Moth, This American Life, Radio Lab and Snap Judgement are some of my favorites that offer master storytellers telling amusing, emotional, and often mature personal stories.

I’ve wanted to share this listening experience with my students, but I needed appropriate, consistent  and free content. Something that is downloadable on all devices.

Yesterday I found two worth sharing. Storynory and Brains On!  are available at no charge via Stitcher or iTunes apps.

logoStorynory features original stories written for and by kids. On the website, you can also read the printed text.

Brains On! is a monthly podcast about science produced by Public Radio contributors and features a kid reporter. The stories are short and engaging. Friendly, fun, and informative — just right for my kiddos.


Happy day one #SOL15.






19 thoughts on “#SOL15: Day 1, Listening Love

  1. You are always thinking of fabulous new ways to inspre and encourage your kiddos and me. I’ll have to check these out. Love the Moth – such wonderful stories!

  2. Umm…I can’t say that I have had much experience listening to podcasts. I will have to check these out. Who know’s there might be a whole new world out there for me!

  3. I have enjoyed audio-books, but have not tried many podcasts. It makes sense that if my students treasure our read aloud time, I may equally enjoy various podcasts. I’ll check it out!

  4. We have very similar tastes in radio and podcasts. On Being is on the radio Sunday nights when I go to bed. I love laying in the dark, listening to the voices. It is as though they are speaking directly to my soul.

  5. Did you “attend” the #engchat just recently on podcasting? Such a powerful medium. So many opportunities to learn, grow, and engage students through podcasts and podcasting.

  6. The bit about you pulling over to jot down ideas made me say wow. The podcasts you listen are clearly inspiring.

  7. I’ve just stumbled upon the love of podcasts. I have only listened to adult podcasts such as This American Life. I like Grammar Girl too and I was obsessed with Serial. Thank you for sharing ones that are appropriate for students.

  8. This is a new idea for me. I listen to NPR but just catch things as I can. I need to check out the apps you mentioned. Thanks for doing a dual post.

  9. You are inspiring! You find ways to reach out and connect with the world in unique ways. Thanks for this information. I can always count on you to introduce me to new thinking or methods. BTW, you are doing a great job of helping those with their links.:-)

  10. Julieanne,
    This: “life and writing are as much about the obstacles as about the joys of the road.”
    I’m so excited to join the event again this year, but know the month will be full of obstacles and joy.
    Podcasts are not something I’ve learned to listen to on my iPhone. For starters, there are just so many that I find it absolutely overwhelming. I’d love to hear more about your favorites. I am considering making podcasts with writers in our building challenge to help support the writing process. We’ll see.

    Thanks for sharing,

  11. Very cool–thanks for sharing the podcasts and Margaret Simon’s Tech Sunday thing–I’ll have to check that out. BlogTalk Radio hosts NWP podcasts. They are quite good, too. They have had several great guests on their podcast, too.Thanks for the reminder to check out podcasts–drive time may just be more productive for me this week.

  12. I just listened to that On Being episode today! I had never heard of Joe Henry before, but I also thought how relevant his words were in terms of slicing. Here’s to a month full of mystery and adventure. Hugs to you, Julieanne!

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