#SOL15: Day 2, Grocery Store Luxuries

It’s March and I’m “slicing” with over 100 bloggers on Two Writing Teachers blog. The challenge is to post “a slice of life” daily for 31 days. This is my second year taking this challenge. It is a journey. One full of mystery and a little bit of fear. Follow the adventure here.11454297503_e27946e4ff_hYesterday, the need for cat food sent me to the grocery store, but the cosmetics aisle called.

When my kids were little, going to the grocery store required lists that were strategically crafted by aisle location. Clear and decisive movements were key to getting through the store quickly with the least amount damage.

In those days, labels were not read. I avoided areas where candy, ice cream, toys or pacifiers were displayed. Some stores were off limits because checkout areas contained these items. Taking the time to read a shampoo bottle was out of the question.

The need to rush through the store has long since passed, but the memory lingers. For this reason, grocery store shopping offers a strange sort of allure. The opportunity to read labels and marvel at the multitude of products is a luxury.

After a bit of close reading in cosmetics, I chose the Cover Girl three-in-one pencil sharpener and walked toward the in-store Starbucks thinking, a latte and perhaps a little time in the school supply section.

Just then, my phone dings.  “Cat’s hungry,” my husband messages.

I reply and turn down cat food aisle.

Maybe I still need that list.




22 thoughts on “#SOL15: Day 2, Grocery Store Luxuries

  1. Love the way you connected grocery trips in two eras of your life. Funny how we long for moments to linger when our kids are so needy yet probably long for those days of “needing a list”, so to speak when they are all grown and gone. Thank you for sharing!!!!

  2. My husband does our grocery shopping. I’ve heard from friends that he’s in his “yoga” zone when he’s there. A release from the rushing of life. I felt that in your post as well. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hahaha!!! I love this post! I don’t have any kids, so these are thoughts I never considered. I LOVE how you ended too with the text from your husband. Haha, who knew writing a grocery story could be so funny!!! LOVE it, Julieanne!

  4. Julieanne,
    This is EXACTLY why I love your narratives! Your first sentence is so clever! “Yesterday, the need for cat food sent me to the grocery store, but the cosmetics aisle called.”

    Thanks for a great Day 2 slice!

  5. I remember the days of avoiding candy aisles and preaching to the kids, “You can get one treat.” I usually avoid the grocery store, but I do enjoy an occasional leisurely trip to Walmart. That’s where I can get lost in the cosmetics or books or crafts. Oh, wait, the card aisle is calling for some reading time!

  6. I love this! I do not love shopping and tend to be the sort of person who shops like a military mission: I go in, get what I need, get out. Thanks for showing me another side.

  7. Loved your supermarket slice, Julieanne!

    We make lists every week (because we’re still in the rush mode and WILL forget something if we don’t). However, we deviate too often buying extras. You know, because that cheese sample is really good. {Sigh.}

  8. Great post! I usually make a list and then leave it at home. And for some unknown reason whatever I wrote on that list never ends up in the cart.

  9. Something so simple as a trip to the grocery store, a bit of meandering the aisle and days long past, then wham, back to the present. You have a talent for telling a tale. I ditto Fran’s comment. 🙂

  10. I always need a list when I shop – and even then I forget items! Lovely post. Made me remember times shopping with my (30 smething) children when they were young.

  11. I have a list but I love to meander. I love the line of avoiding any isle with ice cream, candy, toys and pacifiers! That is hilarious and sadly so true! So glad the cat its food!

  12. Cat calls… Love this, & remember what you mean. When my kids were young, a friend & I thought it was fabulous to drop by the nearest Target-like store after leaving our kids with the dads. We could talk, linger, maybe even purchase a special something. Great slice, Julieanne!

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