#SOL15: Day 3, A Weather Flash

The March Slice of Life Challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers has started off with a bang. I’m among over 200 contributors who have taken up the challenge to write a daily slice. Enjoy the writing of my fellow “slicers” here.


Californians are weather wimps.  We deal with droughts, smog alerts and SPF levels. Give us anything related to precipitation, and we go all to pieces. Snow only happens in the mountains, right?

Last night, there was rain. I heard it.

By morning, the sky is clear and bright.

I walk out into my driveway and look inland. The whitest of clouds hug the mountains, almost hiding the dark remnants of the nighttime storm.  Just another day in the Golden State.

Once at school, the sun beats down. I open my classroom door, turn on the air conditioning and return to the bright sunlight.

In the unprotected lunch area, a light sprinkle of rain begins. Nothing dramatic.

Students pile in the classroom, and I close the door to the sun.

We settle with notebooks and iPads.

Then I hear it. Rain.

I crack the door open to darkness, a cold rush of air, and pouring rain.

Shrieks and laughter fill the room. Five boys announce the urgent need to go to the bathroom. Really. Bad.

I walk from the door and KABOOM!  Thunder explodes. It rolls through the classroom. It shakes us still.

Then screams.

Weather is thrilling. When weather happens, we all go a little nutty.  It’s nowhere near normal.