Celebrate/#SOL15: Writing Connections

This post is for day 14 of the Slice of Life Story Challenge and a Celebrate This Week link up rolled into one.



celebrate link up




This week I celebrate celebrating. Celebrating is a mindset, a practice. It reorients me toward the positive. I need that. Thank you, Ruth.

I celebrate my friend Dayna who is now “addicted” to blogging. We sat after work. Dayna’s on her phone. I knew what she was doing. Blogging. I know how she feels. Find her lovely writing here.

I celebrate one hour of student blogging on Friday. I borrowed iPads from my colleague so that all of my kiddos could blog at the same time. They’ve been working on posts all week, but with only 15 minutes a day to blog, many were still in the drafting stage. The objective was to publish and then venture into other classroom blogs and comment.   Find their  slices here.  These tiny pieces of their lives give snapshots of them. Sometimes they surprise me.

I celebrate the WiFi. It worked. All students were capable of connecting, writing, and reading blogs.

I celebrate the ability to give immediate feedback to student writers. As they posted their slices, I could read; then pull up alongside them for an extensive complement and then a “teach” a “nudge” to something that could lift the level of their work.

I celebrate connections students made to other classrooms. The beauty of connecting to one classroom is the multiplier effect.  Mrs. Silverspring’s classroom‘s blogroll has links all over the world. I had no idea, but my student Ryley found it. “I’m reading something written by someone in Russia!”

I celebrate the mentoring power of reading other kid writing. One of my students quite naturally wanted to “write like Tobie in Mrs. Simon’s classroom.”  How beautiful is that?! That, I told him is what writers do.

I celebrate teacher bloggers who share their writing lives with students. The “Dual Poem” form introduced to the adult slicer community by Greg Armamentos has shown up in Margaret Simon’s classroom.

Finally, I celebrate the Slicer community who has opened up my writing life. Thank you, Anna, Beth, Betsy, Dana, Stacey and Tara of Two Writing Teachers blog for hosting the Slice of Life March Story Challenge. Read other bloggers slices here.

10 thoughts on “Celebrate/#SOL15: Writing Connections

  1. I feel joyful just reading your celebration list, Julieanne – especially the stuff about slicing, which I think is such a wonderful way to nurture and inspire writers.

  2. So many colorful writing related celebrations. Choice, purpose, time, feedback, mentor texts, community – all are important elements for meaningful blogging.

  3. So great to be a part of your celebration today. I love that feeling of us being in this together. I knew when my kids were reading your kids’ blogs that your kids were reading ours. How cool! Across the country! You would never know Tobie in real life is the Tobie in his writing. His writing is so funny. He really wants to be a comedian, but few other students take him seriously (I mean take his humor seriously, if that makes sense). They see him as an awkward goof. I am hoping to find him an audience with younger kids.
    I just love our community!

  4. The connections of these celebrations makes me smile and realize the importance of this challenge. I think it is the coolest when kids can learn from and connect to others in our country and around the world. So great that the wi-fi worked just when you needed it.

  5. So nice to hear about all the connections. My students are connecting a little bit, but we’ve been so busy I think they are stretched to do comments for each other. Now that the play is over I hope they’ll reach out. Sounds like a very good day for you, Julieanne.

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