#SOL15: Day 21, Celebrate This Week

Today’s post serves a dual purpose. To mark my 21st post in the Slice of Life Story Challenge and to Celebrate this Week with Ruth Ayers.

11454297503_e27946e4ff_hcelebrate link up


I am celebrating blogging daily. Writing is a gift I’m giving myself. It’s exhausting and defeating at times, but the benefits far exceed the costs.

I am celebrating the Slice of Life blogging community. I can’t express my gratitude towards this virtual writing group. You keep me going. Without this community, I would not be celebrating writing.

I am celebrating reading and commenting on blogs. I could (and do) spend hours in front of my screen and not realize it. Your posts lift me up. They make me laugh and sometimes shed a tear or two.

I am celebrating picture books. I don’t do enough picture book reading with my kiddos. This week, rather than jumping into the next chapter book, I did a planned week of picture book reading.  Reading these beautiful books offered the benefits of pictures, story told in one sitting, and accessible text that allows for deeper thinking and introduction of new strategies.

I am celebrating that we made it to the weekend. All together. My father-in-law entered hospice on Monday. We knew this was expected, yet it’s a shock. Our daughter is devastated, she knew this would happen, yet still. Our son’s last final was on Thursday; we didn’t want to say anything till he got home.

The world stops when this kind of thing happens. We made it to today.  I exhale and celebrate our family being together, for now.

Happy Saturday. Happy Slicing.