#SOL15: Day 25, The WiFi’s Killing Me

All of a sudden,

the WiFi in my house is


I can’t connect in the dining room,

in the kitchen,

in the living room


in the bedroom.

I can connect


Hallway…router above in the attic

At first,

and then, nothing…



This is killing me.

Tomorrow Starbucks.



Thank you slicers for your amazing writing, support and inspiration throughout the March challenge. This has been a blast! Looking forward to the next six days of daily slicing. Even with the lousy WiFi.

13 thoughts on “#SOL15: Day 25, The WiFi’s Killing Me

  1. Yesterday, we lost power and cable for a bit. You captured that mounting frustration quite well. Here’s hoping it’s more cooperative today.

  2. Must have been something in the air. My internet went nuts last night for a bit, too. It made it easier to focus on grading papers (all previously downloaded) without the pressure of immediately posting responses.

    Hate when technology “glitches” and interferes with progress. Love your pictures and your continued perseverance!!!!

  3. Frustration runs rampant when wi-fi decides to take a break. As long as I sit in the hearth room, my network adapter is great. Move to the office, it has to be reset multiple times. I don’t even know what that means, but that’s what the computer tells me I’m doing. Hope it gets resolved, soon.

  4. Oh, this JUST happened to me, too! Just now putting my link up that I worked on last night. This morning – nothing! I started and restarted everything in the house except maybe the coffeemaker! Finally, for no apparent reason, it is again working. Must hurry though – who knows when the WI-“FI-airy” will be back! I was scooting to the bottom of the page to post my link when I saw yours and HAD to check out your woes, too!

  5. Do a re-set, Julieanne. It might work? Sometimes my wi-fi goes away when my son & family visit-many more devices going. When I do a re-set, it works again with all of us. Sometimes I wish this was all like the old landline phones, always working!

  6. What did we do before wifi? Remember when we actually had to find paper and pen? Then sit down and use a stamp to write a note to someone. So glad someone (Al Gore?) invented the Internet. It saves loads of time…except when it isn’t working!

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