#SOL15: Day 27, Just Hanging Out

Just hanging out.

My new favorite place

in front of the school at

dismissal time.

I dislike the phone disembodied and sometimes disconnected.

I like the face to face powerful and immediate.

Just hanging out

to connect with parents

for a quick conference,

for a progress report

for an update

for “a Danielle had a good day”

or maybe not so good day and wondering why.

Just hanging out.

Just to keep in touch.

Student knows that parents know what teacher notices and wonders.

We touch base.

Just hanging out.

It’s crazy. Students everywhere.

Just hanging out.

Jumping off stairs; hanging on guard rails.

Some walking home toting roller backpacks, jackets, and lunch bags

Games of “you’re-it” waiting for the Boys & Girls Club bus.

Kids with popsicles, snow cones, and push-ups  purchased from the ice cream guy they aren’t suppose to go to — down the street.

Just hanging out

I talk with the tall kids. The kids that aren’t my students, yet.

“Hey how you doing?” conversations happen.

“What’s your favorite book?” conversations happens.

“Whose your teacher?” conversations happens.

Just hanging out.

My new favorite place.

9 thoughts on “#SOL15: Day 27, Just Hanging Out

  1. Love the repetition! Your poem reminds me of my time spent as an elementary teacher. I miss those connections. It’s different in middle school. Thank you for bringing me back to a time that I loved!!! It was once my favorite place too!

  2. Opportunities to communicate abound! Not just with parents, but also the kids. Your description puts me right there beside you taking in all the action after dismissal. I had to laugh with the kids who wandered with ice cream, that was taboo. Love the repetition!

  3. I had “pick-up” duty at my last school and it was so much fun to get to know those students who would eventually make it to me in 4th grade. I do miss that part of being in an elementary school…just hanging out.

  4. “I like the face to face powerful and immediate.” I absolutely agree! So much more powerful that phone calls or email. Looking forward to seeing you face-to-face tomorrow!

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