#SOL15: Day 29: Compacted New York

Today’s slice offering: snippets of New York.

2015-03-29 15.40.34

Blue skies,

bare trees,

Brooklyn brownstones,

crisp air.

In front of me, two colleagues.

Beside me, another.

We ventured.

To brunch, the  bookstore, and aimless walking.

Families out with strollers, knit hats, and gloves.

A beautiful Sunday to be included in the food, the books, the talk; to have no schedule, nothing  to do. No place to be.

Washington 2015-03-29 16.53.37Square Park performances, with amazed toddlers and adults.

NYU sweatshirt purchased, with my daughter in mind.

Public Theater lottery for Hamilton, with no luck.

The number 6 train packed, with one interesting passenger
2015-03-29 18.31.49Dinner decisions, with the Empire State Building.

Navigating back to our hotel, with warm drinks and  bittersweet goodbyes, looking forward to the next time we meet.

Good to be slicing with you all.

Thank you, Two Writing Teachers for you support. Read more slicer stories here.


6 thoughts on “#SOL15: Day 29: Compacted New York

  1. What a fun day for you! I followed along remembering Dayna’s post that I just read. Love that you had a day to explore and continue to experience the magic of NYC.

  2. You made me wish I was there, cold and all! Sounds like a wonderful weekend of learning, exploring, and enjoying.

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