Celebrate This Week: Renewal, Reunion, and New Spaces

Today is a quick celebration post for Saturday. I love to link up with those who find moments to celebrate in the week. Thank you, Ruth Ayers for this community.  Find other celebrations here.

celebrate link up

First, I celebrate Spring Break.  I celebrate waking up to the sun. I celebrate the opportunity for recovery and renewal.

Second,  I celebrate TCRWP’s Saturday Reunion in New York City. What a huge celebration of educators and their belief in literature and community.

Third, I celebrate blogging every day in the month of March as a part of the Slice of Life Story Challenge. So many participated. That made the experience rewarding and possible. I celebrate all of the “slicers” who did it!  I celebrate those who commented on my blog.  I celebrate my colleague Dayna, who leaned in, let go, and let it loose in the world of blogging.

Fourth, I celebrate #digipoetry. I celebrate Margaret Simon and Leigh Anne Eck, who got this idea going.  It was a very gentle call. No big expectations. That worked for me. This new fresh space felt like a safe place to start. Join in if you have the urge!

Fifth, I celebrate my new tiny blogging space, playing with writing. I opened it up as a place to just write. It’s small and uncomplicated. Growing gently.

Finally, I celebrate the weekend and all of you: taking a deep breath and celebrating together.