Celebrate This Week: Renewal, Reunion, and New Spaces

Today is a quick celebration post for Saturday. I love to link up with those who find moments to celebrate in the week. Thank you, Ruth Ayers for this community.  Find other celebrations here.

celebrate link up

First, I celebrate Spring Break.  I celebrate waking up to the sun. I celebrate the opportunity for recovery and renewal.

Second,  I celebrate TCRWP’s Saturday Reunion in New York City. What a huge celebration of educators and their belief in literature and community.

Third, I celebrate blogging every day in the month of March as a part of the Slice of Life Story Challenge. So many participated. That made the experience rewarding and possible. I celebrate all of the “slicers” who did it!  I celebrate those who commented on my blog.  I celebrate my colleague Dayna, who leaned in, let go, and let it loose in the world of blogging.

Fourth, I celebrate #digipoetry. I celebrate Margaret Simon and Leigh Anne Eck, who got this idea going.  It was a very gentle call. No big expectations. That worked for me. This new fresh space felt like a safe place to start. Join in if you have the urge!

Fifth, I celebrate my new tiny blogging space, playing with writing. I opened it up as a place to just write. It’s small and uncomplicated. Growing gently.

Finally, I celebrate the weekend and all of you: taking a deep breath and celebrating together.

8 thoughts on “Celebrate This Week: Renewal, Reunion, and New Spaces

  1. Cheering for spring break for you to renew your energy. Yay for the March challenge! I actually miss the daily writing, but got behind on my work, so now I’m trying to catch up. What a writing place you’ve created! You have a book inside you and it is starting to leak out and treat the world to your words. I’m looking forward to the new taste every day. So glad you brought Dayna’s voice into the blogging world!

  2. Hat off to all of you who keep writing and writing. No big expectations, small and uncomplicated, growing gently – these words seem to support you. You know yourself well. That’s the way to go. Enjoy playing with the words.

  3. I am celebrating many of the same things you are – spring break, the SOLSC, and the low-key #digipoetry month! I’m glad to have the incentive to keep writing without some of the pressure. 🙂

  4. The TCRWP’s Saturday Reunion in New York City must have been incredible. It is so energizing to be around people who do the work you do and offer inspiration!

  5. Great celebrations today. As I said before, I love your new space and can’t wait to see how it grows. Thanks for your encouragement to write and learn along with so many others.

  6. Julieanne, I have been enjoying your journey as a writer and think that this new space will allow you to continue to find pleasure in your reflective practice.

  7. Julianne,
    I was away for the weekend and came back to this little celebration. Love being a small part of it. I also love that you are exploring your writer’s voice through verse.

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