Slice of Life: I’m Bored

“I’m bored.”

All year I’ve blamed myself for this type of response.

Boredom: the nemesis of engagement. Perhaps, when were trying to teach someone. But could it also be a place of creation.

My first memories of boredom were on family vacations. The ones that took us through and to all kinds of national treasures. Boredom was a state of being on those trips. I got antsy. Wondered aloud when we were going to get there. And then,  I stared out the window, simply thinking. I remember how the landscape and structures we drove past triggered “what if” scenarios, stories.

Today, a long car ride is an opportunity.  I can’t do anything except think.

I have space to work through problems, get ideas.

I’ve found the treadmill provides that same kind of boredom. Running on the treadmill has become a place I can go to get ideas.

During testing boredom cropped up. If a student finished before their classmates, they were instructed to do a quiet activity of their choosing. A few read. Some doodled.  All seemed to relish this time just to relax. Let their mind wander.

Except for one student.  She was exceedingly uncomfortable. Antsy.

This time I didn’t feel guilty. I let her go there. Eventually, she settled down and found a way to keep herself occupied.

I wonder, how many students get the opportunity to be bored and to find the possibility boredom presents.

Hopefully, summertime will offer a place for boredom, perhaps a little discomfort, and then maybe a few thoughts will creep in. And then, who knows?

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