Celebrate: A chance to do things better

There are so many things to celebrate and appreciate every day, yet…

I came home last night upset and woke up in the same frame of mind. The negative, yucky feeling wasn’t letting go. It held on. I forced myself out of bed and into my usual Saturday routine. It was slow, but gradually, bit-by-bit, it shifted.

It started in the pool. From the first push off the wall, my mind went to the lack of pain in my knee and the sound of water moving.  Exercise lets my mind rest and my body work.

Once I got home, I read Elisabeth’s post. This line

A new day, a chance to do it better.

completed the shift. It was time to appreciate this week.

The simple and sweet:

  • A brand new carpet that students want to roll around on
  • Fifth graders caring for kindergarteners

The unexpected:

  • Rain
  • A stoic football-playing student dancing joyously
  • A student who has refused responsibility taking a leadership role
  • A “learning disabled” and a “gifted” elementary student becoming high school friends and scholastic equals

and what needs to be discussed:

I celebrate this week and a chance to do things better.

Thank you, Ruth Ayers, and all who link up with Celebrate This Week.