Celebrate: Moving On

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This week lost its rhythm. Rather than the usual routine, celebratory events drove the week and keeping track of the days was difficult. The last week of school, especially when you teach a culminating grade level, is chaotic. Emotions and stress levels run high.

Students rose to the occasion and looked beautiful the moment they walked across the stage. Tears flow. Parents know this ending marks the beginning of adolescence. For most it’s a bittersweet and proud moment. They are letting go a little more as their child moves on.

After culmination, most students leave to have lunch with their parents. A few stay behind at school, and I hear,

We need to stay as long as possible.

This is our last time to do these things.

Can I please stay, Mom?

These words come from students who were the ones who had to go to the bathroom during class all the time. From those who fidgeted during writing and those who were the first out the door when the end of school bell rang. But this day, the day that marked the end, they don’t want to leave.

Today I celebrate the culminating class of fifth graders. Even though some choose to stay a bit longer, they are ready to move on carrying with them the knowledge that they will continue to grow as they move through school and life. ┬áThat has been the message throughout their schooling. It’s all about growth.

The end of this school year brought retirements and reorganization. Individuals who have cultivated and driven my teaching life are moving on.

This is hard. So today, I celebrate those who have shaped me as a teacher. I will carry on as they move on with this core belief:

All children can learn. It is our job to recognize, honor and build on growth knowing that everyone is fueled by success.

Finally, I celebrate the beginning of summer and the time to create a different rhythm for the week. Time to read, recover, rethink and reorganize a bit.

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