Slice of Life: What kind of writer am I?

It’s Tuesday, time for Slice of Life with Two Writing Teachers.  Thanks to Anna, Beth, Betsy, Dana, Stacey and Tara for growing and supporting this community of writers. Without this, I would not be asking myself, What kind of writer am I? 

This question has been asked and answered by many slicers.

And, I’ve read your posts thinking, yes, me too!  I need to do this!  Then something would get in the way.  I’m an in-the-moment writer. It’s hard for me to hold ideas for later. I love to write what’s top of mind, right now.

And, I’ve been hesitant to answer because I’m not sure. Perhaps, I’ll give it a try, today knowing that I’m a writer who deals with confusion by writing.

Just saying this makes me worry, what will people think, because I’m a writer who worries. I’m a writer who worries that I keep saying the same thing over and over again, that I have nothing worth saying, that it doesn’t make sense. I’m a writer who says what I think and then worries about it.

I’m a writer who seeks writing as a refuge. In the early morning hours when no one is up, a cup of coffee beside me, or late at night with no one around, no distractions. Part of this need for aloneness is because I’m a writer who wouldn’t want anyone to think I think I’m a writer. It’s just me working. On my computer. On something,  Nevermind, it’s nothing. Just work.

I’m a writer who grew up with a “real” published author, which makes me question myself as a writer.

I’m a writer who has an internal dialogue, a stream of theories, arguments, and counterarguments that surface whenever there is quiet. I’m a writer who wakes up in the middle of the night because I’m writing in my head.  Writing is a place for the voice in my head to come to temporary conclusions and next steps.

I’m a writer who loves the brevity of poetry yet struggles to shorten sentences.

I’m a writer who finds structure, meaning and everything worth keeping in revision. I’m a meandering writer. One that swirls around in places that often end up going nowhere, deleted.

I’m a writer who loves the neatness of a circular structure. I’m a writer who starts in the middle. I’m not sure of the beginning till the end.

What kind of writer am I?  I’m a writer who is looking for my best self in writing with hopes that some of it will find its way into my daily interactions.