Slice of Life: Turf Wars

He moved from the desk, toward the corner chair. Repositioned himself in the stream of sunlight pouring through the windows. Books surround him. Finding solitude, he closed his eyes.

He had thought the desk an excellent location to work.  A quiet space stacked with papers and books.

Then she came and moved things around.

The reorganization was not disturbing at first. It was a refreshing change, advantageous allowing him more room.  He enjoyed her company from time to time. She gave him his space and attention.

Then she brought in a few of her bags and her computer and started to spend more time there.

Yesterday, she decided to stay. He thought it would work out. But she was there all the time. Just when he’d get settled, ready to mediate on something of great importance, papers would be adjusted, and books rearranged. He just couldn’t take the unpredictability of it.

He had to leave. She could have the desk but without him.

2015-02-15 07.49.27

Thank you, Two Writing Teachers Blog for Tuesday Slice of Life. I am grateful to each and every one of you who venture here to share your stories. Read other slices or share your own here.


18 thoughts on “Slice of Life: Turf Wars

  1. I love the reveal in the picture. Cute. My cat Mimi is by my side almost all day. Don’t ever tell her I told you that. She would totally deny it.

  2. I am a dog person, so wasn;t expecting your ending. It DID get me thinking about how difficult it can be when students ask if they clan “organize” your desk. I can never find anything afterwards.

  3. I’m not an animal owner so I was predicting that a bug might be telling the story. I love who is telling the story. I have thought about retelling a small moment from a different point of view but it has stayed just a thought. You’ve inspired me to give it a try!! Thanks.

  4. Oh, I kept thinking of your husband, wondering how this was going to end. You really surprised me, Julieanne, so then I had to re-read again. Clever!

  5. I loved this! The intentional vagueness by using just pronouns sets curiosity and brain wheels in motion. What a great mentor text and it inspires close reading.
    As for President Taft, there are author notes in the book similar to your website. When the text had deep sea diver in the tub and Taft flying out the window, I had to declare this fiction (based on possible facts). 🙂

  6. Reading your title I was ready for decluttering advice. What a surprise to find an entertaining piece about cat life.

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