Celebrate this Week: The Last Bit of Summer Spirit

Icelebrate link upI’ve  been Spending my time reading celebration posts rather than blogging today. I was tempted to leave it at that. Afterall it’s summer. But after reading I couldn’t resist a bit of celebration. Habits are hard to break.

First: I celebrate all those who have been alongside me on the celebration journey these last 90 plus posts. You lift my heart every week. Thank you, Ruth, for giving us space and inspiration to share.

Second: I celebrate my Voxer communities of Writing About Reading, Reading Strategies and Good to Greaters. Your support is priceless. You grow my thinking and fill my heart. There is nothing quite like sharing the work we love.

Third: I celebrate the slower thoughtful days of summer. It’s a nice balance with the school years’s fifth grader spirit and energy.

Fourth: I celebrate a last mini vacation of summer to San Diego to visit our son.

Fifth: I celebrate the spirit of a very kind and thoughtful man who left us too soon. He was at the pool every morning with a smile and few jokes to keep you going. Love to you Ed. We miss you.

7 thoughts on “Celebrate this Week: The Last Bit of Summer Spirit

  1. Some weeks I read posts before writing my own celebration post. It helps me get in the mood and reminds me that there is much to celebrate every. single. week.

  2. Celebrating is a joyous way to end each week, Julieanne. I am glad that you shared this week. I hope you send me an offering for the Summer Splashings Gallery. I would love to post something from you in California.

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