Celebrate: A-Ha’s

I can’t let this weekend slip by without tipping my hat to my a-ha moments this week.

Heat and the pressure of the impending school year built up and by Friday, I walked out of my classroom with a long to-do list. And here I sit, on Sunday night, with much of my list checked off, a fresh one made, and some realizations.

First: No matter how much time I have to get ready, I will always need more time. I will always have a new list.

Second: I will always have too many books for my space, and I will always need more books. This weekend we looked for new bookshelves and found none to our liking. However, I bought three books.

Third: I will always feel excited and a bit of anxiety at the beginning of the school year. That’s part of why I love it.

Fourth: I will always love school supplies. 3-M should create a monument to honor the teachers who have made a difference in their bottom line.

Fifth: I will always feel each year with students is a gift.  I have the best job. I get to think deeply with and about children as they learn.

This week I celebrate my a-ha’s: what (if I’m lucky) will always be true for me.

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Thank you, Ruth, for the Celebrate link up. I love coming to your place every weekend! Find more celebrations here.

4 thoughts on “Celebrate: A-Ha’s

  1. I love all you A-Ha’s. Especially relate to the one about books. Now I have two classrooms with bookshelves full. And I keep buying. All my best for your school year start.

  2. Oh yes! These are so true. I was just thinking how it is such a philosophical question really – How can I need more books when I already can’t fit the ones I have? Different than shoe shopping or something because books are to share! Your fifth truth here is particularly wonderful.

  3. Love each A-Ha. When I visited my brother in OK, we went to an office supply store with my niece (4th grade teacher). He laughed when I bought two new fcomposition books!

  4. Your a-has are so true – there’s never enough room for books yet we always need more! And, no matter what gets done there’s always more to do. I hope you have a wonderful year. I know you will have such a great influence on the lives of your students. They are a gift and you are a gift to them. I feel a bit odd as I see everyone else starting school. I am taking the year off – My youngest (of 4) just finished college so no more tuition! I’m making a commitment to write – we’ll see what happens.
    I look forward to reading more of your A-ha moments.

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