Celebrate: Vulnerabilities

A whole week at school is something to celebrate.  Beginnings are exciting and scary. Everyone is feeling out how the year will go. How much is expected and what can I expect from others, my friends, my community, myself. Who will support me? What is my role here? How do I fit in?  Can I be me?

All of that’s being sifted through. These questions are especially significant for the new kids. There are four.  The others have been together for years. There are pluses and minuses to having a history.

The newness is starting to wear off, and the weak spots are showing.

We’ve been doing a lot of writing.

“How do you spell…tarantula…pediatrian…conquer…”

“I’m not sure. Let me look it up on my phone,” I say.

“You don’t know?! ”

“Spelling can be hard. I have to double check,” I say.

We shared stories, and I told the story of being a bully.


“Yes, me,” I say.

This story sticks with me, and it brings out their stories of being less than.

We shared our reading histories. I shared the story of not being a reader for a very long time. Of the book I found that made me realize reading could be good, and the very long period it took to find the next one that matched that same feeling.

“Guys, I wasn’t always a reader. It took time, and lots of trying things out, looking for that just right book,” I say.


“Yes, me. I wasn’t a reader for a long time,” I say.

This week vulnerabilities started to show.

I think this book isn’t right for me.

I’m a slow reader.

It’s hard for me to write.

“Me too,” I say.


“Yes, me.”

This week I celebrate sharing vulnerabilities that open us up to real beginnings.

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