Slice of Life: A Message to My Younger Literary Self

I found this thought from Mo Willems (via Jenn and Jill’s post).

“As a writer, what advice would you give your younger writer self?”

I decided to widen it a bit and give advice to my “younger” literary self.

  1. It’s ok to not like the books others like.
  2. Stop pretending.  Mom knows you’re faking it.
  3. Ask to be read to. It’s not just for little kids.
  4. Ask for help.
  5. Take that Shakespeare class.
  6. Don’t listen to your short story professor. He’s a frustrated writer.
  7. Don’t worry so much.
  8. Take more art classes.
  9. Memorize poetry.
  10. Pursue your passion. You will eventually, you might as well start early.
  11. Offer help.
  12. Re-read.
  13. Travel.
  14. Ask for help.
  15. Don’t be afraid of poetry.
  16. Write every day. No one will see it but you.
  17. Be patient with yourself.
  18. Find mentors.
  19. Get a cat. They make good company.
  20. Take pictures.
  21. Ask for help.
  22. Listen.
  23. Offer help.
  24. It’s never too late.
  25. Remember, there is room for you. You are good enough.

Thank you, Anna, Beth, Betsy, Dana, Deb, Kathleen, Stacey, and Tara of Two Writing Teachers Blog for Slice of Life Tuesday. You and all who post and comment Tuesdays, provide for my past, current and future literary self. Read more slices here.



18 thoughts on “Slice of Life: A Message to My Younger Literary Self

  1. I don’t know, Julieanne! This sounds like good advice for me TODAY too! 🙂 #6. I’m right there with you. It was my rude poetry professor who always told me I was wrong. I LOVE each and every one of these. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Thank you!!

  2. Julieanne,
    So many great choices. Love #21 – Ask for help and your growth mindset in #25 – Remember there is room for you. You are good enough!

    Wondering what your students would do with this idea . . .

  3. This is a great list for anyone. Especially thinking about myself as a reader after listening to Lynda Mullaly Hunt’s latest video. I especially love the last one…listen to that one.

  4. This is great advice. I like that you emphasize ask and offer help. It’s important not to be afraid to admit you don’t know something and to be able to help when others need it. I also like pursue your passion. So important.

  5. Love love love this! #1,15, and 24. Can I just say that you always have the greatest slices? And reading and exploring poetry has been so great with my 4th graders this year- because… I decided not to be afraid!

  6. So beautiful, Julieanne. I can’t even choose a favorite, because they are so beautiful as a collection.

  7. Missed your post last week. I need to remember #16 and #25. #20 I’ve got. I stopped by to send my niece a link to your SOL on Oct. 6. I copied it and wanted to share it with her. Happy Monday!

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